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Friday, November 2, 2018

Hard Rock Hotel - Desaru Coast

Being an avid Hard Rock Fan for many years, it was my first experience staying in Hard Rock Hotel. If not for my anniversary, perhaps this chance of getting a stay in the newly launch hotel may not had happened.

Hard Rock Hotel
We reached there an hour or 2 before the formal check in timing and our rooms were not ready. Thus we loitered around the hotel and try to get familiar with the place ourselves.

The reception area is an opened space and looking out of the area, we got to see enjoyable moments in the Adventure Park.

Lobby Area
While exploring around, we saw that there were shuttle buses coming in. However we asked around and realized that those buses were catered for their staff.

Hard Rock Hotel
As the place was relatively new, quite a portion of the hotel were not really in operation, like the coffee lounge and we can see some parts of the rooms were still under renovation. Even the surroundings, its hard to get around without transport.

Adventure Park Behind Check In Counter
We sat around the Lobby and Bar Area, people watching while sipping some coolers waiting for time to pass by. The area was breezy and bright.

We checked a few rounds with the counter and finally our room was ready for check-in.

Waiting at the Lounge
A slight disappointment we had received as the hotel rooms facing the water theme park were all fully occupied thus we were told that we will get hotel facing the sea. However things are still under construction and do not expect the usual sea view we had in mind.

Hotel Facing Sea - My View from the Balcony :(
The lift level were confusing. Lift number doesn't tally the actual level indicated.

Colorful shades while waiting for Lift
We had the Deluxe King Room which is about 42 sq metres / 452 sqft with an attached balcony. As this is their soft launch period, facilities and hotel interior are still very new. The crew that showed us to the room was friendly and explained the usage of the room.

Into the Room
We were welcomed by the pair of Swans on the king bed (pre-arranged with the hotel staff). The room as well as the bed was spacious.

Swans on Bed
Love the comfort level in the hotel room, with such environment, it just make us felt relax and not stepping out of the room. Moreover it was a gloomy and cold weather. Awww... even the firmness of the bed felt so right at the correct moment.

Pillow Case with Guitar
I love the part on their entertainment system in the hotel room. With their flat screen TV and On-demand movies, I guess I can be a couch potato. Not to mention about the free Wi-Fi provided too. There is sound woofer system too. Connections like HDMI, RGB, VGA and USB were all provided.

They have this function that if the balcony sliding door is open, the air conditioning will be automatically switched off.

Door to Balcony

It was a good move by the hotel to go in line with the Recycling Practice. Instead of serving plastic bottles of complimentary mineral water, they had water coolers at every level for us to refill. These bottles were sanitized and each come with a carrier for convenient.

Reuse Refill Return
The Water Filling Station dispenses the water automatically when you placed your bottle at the indicated area and there is a number counter to indicate how many bottles have been saved.

Water Filling Station
Another worthy part to mention will be their mini bar, their snacks and tibits are all free of charge. Not sure if its just for its soft launch.

Mini Bar Area
Thanks to the crews that took efforts in presenting macaroons at our doorsteps instead of Cake and flowers as requested earlier. They did call up before approaching our room and if it was supposed to be a surprise to me, just too bad that I have picked up the call and they had revealed this little token from them.

From the Hotel
Breakfast at the Sessions. It looks quite empty to us as the seats were not fully occupied.


Dining Area at the Sessions
We were not every early for breakfast and not many people there. A good point was that we did not have to squeeze with others and queue for food.

Food Counters
Varieties of food were relatively enough with Western, Chinese, Indian and Malay Breakfast. A staple dish that won't go missing from every hotel's breakfast in Malaysia would be their Nasi Lemak.

Breakfast Area
The egg station looked a little different to me from all the hotels I had visited. They had built a shelving in between and created a "barrier" between the cook and the diners. It brought a little inconvenience that we need to raise ourselves up to collect the eggs. In normal hotel, it would have been "barrier" free. 

Where we get our eggs served
Food items were well organised and kept warm in individual pots. 

Buffet Breakfast
The pots were of quality and popular brand. Some strength will be required while lifting the pots cover up.

Beef Sausages

My Breakfast
We were also free to choose our seating and I love the round table seat.

Seating in the Sessions
Overall, I would comment that their service and hospitality is really great. The only regret I had is that the weather were not too good and we miss out the free entrance into the adventure park. 

Hard Rock hotel
It will be great to return again once the area have been developed with a few launch of hotel. Perhaps another 1 to 2 years time.

Still developing
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Location: Jalan Pantai 3, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia

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