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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Naked Finn

As a first timer in The Naked Finn, we are recommended to take the set. There are 2 sets to choose from with difference of $20. The set meal is priced per pax and the rule is that everybody on the same table must order the same set. We went ahead for the $68 per pax meal which consist of 6 dishes.

The Naked Fin
After we took our order, we were given a saucer where by there are 3 types of Asian Sauce that gave a good taste to the dishes we had.

As we gave our main focus to the food in The Naked Finn, we had only ordered 2 bottles of sparkling water throughout our dining session.

Sparkling Water
Water Spinach aka Kang Kong was our first dish. It was a sharing portion served chilled, blanched and tossed in kalamansi juice. It gave a different dimension to the usual Kang Kong we had. It was succulent, also crunchy and flavorfully served in dried shrimp and fried shallot oil.

Water Spinach
We ordered additional Lobster bisque and asked them to divide equally between 2 bowls. The American Lobster bisque was available during then while European lobster was unavailable. The taste from the bisque was out of my expectation for it wasn't the creamy kind that we had from the day to day Western Cuisine. Instead it was more towards the Style of Chinese Prawn Mee Soup but don't get me wrong saying that it's not of quality. The bisque was made up of roasted lobster (head & roe), skate stock, tomato puree and brandy.

Lobster Bisque - $22
I'm not really a fan of such baby squids but it had thrown me a surprise as they were delectable. They were grilled on cast iron griddle with grapeseed oil. Simply love its smoky flavours from the grill, moreover they were not oily and were chewy. I would say that the freshness of the squid was apparent.

Wild-caught 'baby' Indian squid
Never know "Bee Hoon" can be prepared in a nice way like this. Totally remarkable! They were blanched, tossed in special sauces and topped with eye catching Sakura Ebi in contrast of the white strands of vermicelli. Flavours could be enhanced with the citrus juice from the lime.

Piquant vermicelli
Each of us was served 4 pieces of flambeed in white wine. I think I have a soft spot for these. They were awesomely prepared , drizzled with fish sauce and fried shallot oil. Fragrant!

Wild-caught New Zealand littleneck
Fillet was pan fried in grapeseed oil, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Cant imagine that its skin was crispy while the meat was moist tender and smooth.

Locally-farmed barramundi
Total of 6 pieces of Giant Prawns were served to us. They were grilled with sea salt on cast iron grill.

Farmed Giant Tiger Prawn
Slices of Iberico Pork were yummy. They were service with sea salt and dried sole fish.

Secreto Iberico Pork - 180g - $30
As a whole, I think I'm spoilt. I'm please with every dishes served. Love the fact that they are understated and never failed leaving a good impression to us. It really illustrated the effect of  having less is more. From their dishes, I had also understood that simplest preparation of food with minimal use of sauce can taste great too.

Environment is good and most importantly, food was satisfying. Glad that I had make a good choice dining in this laid back vibe for a birthday dinner.


4 / 5

The Naked Finn
Location: 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, 109442

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