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Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Original Boat Noodle

The Original Boat Noodle has her first launch in Changi City Point and this is their 2nd outlet in Bugis. For those who are unaware, the person behind this is actually none other than our local Song Writer Hong Jun Yang who took his baby steps into the F&B business.

The Original Boat Noodle
Environment was lively with its decorations and with them being Halal Certified, dining is suitable for our Muslim pals.

If you have eaten or hear about Bangkok's Portion of Boat Noodle, you will not be surprise by the portion they serve here ~ It's similar. However, if you know nuts about it,  do not make a mistake by just ordering one bowl even though it costs $1.50 and seem attractive. The fact is that you can simply finish up a bowl in in 1-2 gobble. That's why if you see someone stacking up their bowls in tower, do not misunderstand that they are participating in some "big eater" competition.

For their boat noodles, there are a few permutations that we can choose from. It comes with either Chicken or beef, rice or springy noodle and different broths like Pathumthani, Ayutthaya and creamy Tom Yum to choose from.

The Original Boat Noodle
However for those who are expecting the fiery taste from the bowls maybe disappointed as taste here are more accustomed to local.

If you prefer the broth to be sourish, a tad spicy and salty and in dark soy sauce, Pathumthani will be something you can order.

For more creamy broth that pack with coconut milk taste, you can choose the Ayutthaya combination.

Last but not least on their boat noodle list, creamy Tom Yum broth which requires no further explanation with its popularity in Asia. Springy noodles taste like our usual instant noodles and if you dont mind the cream, the Tom Yum Broth is actually quite appetizing.

Pathumthani Rice Noodle with beef - $1.50
Ayutthaya Rice Noodle with Beef - $1.50
Creamy Tom Yum Springy Noodle with Beef - $1.50
Bangkok Omelette Rice is good if you do not mind its plainness. Rice was nicely cover with omelette egg that is filled with minced meat. I'm attracted to its taste and fluffiness as we all knew that only big wok fire can achieve such fluffy egg.

Bangkok Omelette Rice - $8.90
Another recommended dish on the menu will be their flame grilled Ayam Legend that is penny worth. Though the color of the actual slab of chicken is not as per illustrated in the menu. Chicken is still lightly charred and tender. Taste was enhanced especially when you dab some part of it in the given dipping sauce.

Flame Grilled Ayam Legend - $8.90
Yes, this blueish drink is getting more popular nowadays even in the cafe. The Lemon Juice was poured into it separately, archiving a slightly purlish color.

Cha yen tastes good and chilled enough with great amount of ice in small cubes. The cup resembles a tumbler, just like any of the purchase from our Bubble Tea shop nowadays. It is sturdy and convenient for diner who want to takeaway this drink after leaving the eating place. It comes with green tea too and less sweet option is available upon request as well.

Butterly Lemon Tea - $4.90 & Cha Yen (Thai Ice Tea) - $3.90
The Original Boat Noodle may look appealing to diners as no items cost over $10 in their menu despite located in a mall. Food wise and environment are generally alright. At least they do feature some Thai Street food instead of just boat noodles.

Rating: 3 / 5

The Original Boat Noodle
Location: Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St #02-46, Singapore 188021

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