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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Zhang Ji Traditional Fishballs 張記傳統魚丸

The traditional fishball Soup Eatery that can never be missed whenever I'm up there in Jiu Fen. I believe those who have been there and done that will definitely agree with me.

Stall Front
With the open kitchen preparing the fishball and dishes, it attracted a good handful of onlookers watching its operation and photo taking for most tourists.

Watching the boiling of Fishballs
Having been here more than 3 times, their menu did not change much. Every thing stays quite the same, even the crowd.

There are a few menus and you are just spoilt for choices besides their signature dishes. To cater to the tourists, the menu is written in Chinese, English, Japanese as well as Hanyu Pin Yin.

Side Orders
There is a constant crowd whenever we are there in Zhang Ji Traditional Fishball Eating Place. However with Taiwanese friendly service, you will feel welcome everywhere you go. Interior is traditionally furnished with wooden plankings, resembling the 客站 (guests stopover) that we often seen in the traditional Chinese shows. Not to mentioned about its menu, it looked retro too.

Side Bench
One do not just stopped at ordering their fishballs only, we did try ordering other items available in their menu. Bamboo Shoot is crunchy in the right thickness and was not too oily drizzled in chilli oil. If you worry about the typical foul smell, nope, it does not exist here.

Pickled Bamboo 脆香筍 - 40 NT $
Love Century eggs? If you do, wait no longer and just order this side. The dish is chilled with Tofu and Century egg topped with Bonito Flakes, Spring onions and sweet sauce. You will definitely love how runny the egg is!

Preserved Egg and Tofu 皮蛋豆腐 - 40 NT $
Not forgetting the typical braised dish that most Taiwanese Eatery offer. The braised meat came with good portion of fatty and lean meat without being unctuous. Pairing the braised meat with these pearl grains, we felt very stomach comforting indeed.

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭 - 35 $
Their dried noodle are quite springy topped with braised pork. An alternative choice to the braised pork rice.

Dried Noodle 特制干面 - 45 NT
Ordering a bowl of mixed fish ball soup will be a good choice if you want to try assorted balls without bursting your stomach. The soup is tasty with chopped celery and contained a mixture of Fu Zhou Fishball, Mushroom Meat Ball and the normal Fish ball.

Mixed Fish Ball Soup 综合鱼丸汤 - 50 NT
We love Fu Zhou Meatballs and ordered a bowl of it. While they come from a boiling pot, do be additional careful when you bite on the balls for the "juice" may just ooze out and scald your mouth.

Fish Ball Soup 福州丸汤 - 50 $
What we enjoyed about Zhang Ji's traditional fishball doesn't just boil down to their inexpensive pricing but more on its quality of food. This is definitely not a tourist trap because even the locals recommend it.
Unlike our fishballs, I like the fact that these are not overly bouncy. The springiness on the balls were addictive on our jaws. Once you bite into the Fu Zhou Fishball, you will enjoy the burst of fragrant meat. Look at the ratio of the meat to the fishball encasing. How generous it is!

Unfortunately for our Fu Zhou Fishballs back home in the Supermarts, the ratio is the reverse. We have more of the bouncy encasing and a small amount of meat! Thus enjoy all you can while you are there.

Meat Filling of Fu Zhou Fishball
Looked transparent and raw, however if you enjoy drunken chicken, this plate of chilled dish are pack full of the chinese wine taste.

Drunken Chicken 醉鸡 - 180 NT $
Overall, if you are in Jiu Fen, this is one of the stalls there that is worth a try, especially if you went there over the cold seasons, the hot fishball soup would definitely of great help to warm your body up. 

Zhang Ji Traditional Fishballs 張記傳統魚丸 
Location: 224, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Ruifang District [台北縣瑞芳鎮基山街25號]

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