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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Calling all vegetarians! Here's another Korean option for you. If you heard of The Boneless Kitchen  and love what they are serving, you will be glad that the people behind Daehwa are the same.

Daehwa is strategically and conveniently located next to the One-North MRT station. Interior is modernly furnished with wooden tables and chairs.

Design of restaurant is simple with cement flooring and bright lighting.

Interior of Daehwa

Display On the Shelf
Before we  begin our gastronomic korean vegetarian dinner, we learnt that their food is free of MSG and free of five alliums. As a non vegetarian, I'm quite concern being real thirsty after some vegetarian meals and I'm glad that they are taking care of it.


Canned Peach Drinks - $3.50

Citron Soda - $5.50, Omijacha - $5 and Boricha - $2.50
Just like any other Korean Restaurant, these side dishes given are refillable.

Refillable side dishes
For those who love Korean Cuisine will be familiar with the Army Stew or Budae Jjigae. This comforting stew is definitely one of the popular hot pot dishes in Korea. Suitable for 2 to 4 pax and comes with 2 bowls of rice.

Army Jeongol 부대찌개- $42
 With a balance of spiciness, saltiness and slight sweetness. Being a vegetarian dish, you still get to see luncheon meat and hotdog in the stew but its mocked meat. Other ingredients include cucumber, tofu, noodles, mushrooms, rice cake etc. The initial spicy taste was not very distinct till the broth was refilled at a later stage.

Army Jeongol with stew

Woot! I love this classic savory dish. The sweet potato noodles is paired with mushrooms and asparagus topped with coriander and sesame seeds. It was flavorful and texture was chewy and springy. Recommended!

Japchae 잡채 - $15
It's not the typical starchy kind of Kimchi Pancake. Tasty when paired with the sauce. However,the circumference of the pancake was charred and hardened, not to my liking, otherwise overall is good.

Kimchi Jeon 김치전- $8
Also known as the squid rings. Wow! This dish swept my feet off. It's meatless yet taste like one. Don't do without the bean paste that comes along with it.

Ojingo Ring 오징어 - $6
The sinful cheesy bowl of French Fries with Truffle. Definitely worth the sharing the calories as the portion is big. Needless to say, they are generously tossed with grated cheese, mayonnaise and fragrantly served. Bet you cannot stop at just one mouthful.

Cheese Truffle Gamja Twigim 트뤼플치즈감자튀김 - $12
For those who love Boneless Kitchen and do not want to travel into the Eastern part of Singapore, Daehwa will be a very good Korean vegetarian alternative for those who reside in the West.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: 1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis Building, #01-35 Singapore 138522

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