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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nonya Delicatessen

Nonya Delicatessen has been serving Peranakan Dishes since 1980. Although I have noticed this stall for years, I only get to try out their dishes recently as many of the times they were either closed or sold out. They are opened daily till food last, also they also provide takeaways for all occasions.

Nonya Delicatessen
We visited on a Sunday where many of the patrons came to fix their stomach after their usual groceries shopping at the supermarket.

Dining Area


Notice to Patrons
There are 2 sizes available for Rojak and we ordered the smaller portion. Peanuts were generously sprinkled on top of the Rojak. Taste wise, rojak is pretty ordinary with the usual ingredients, You Tiao, Cucumber, Tau Pok, Pineapple, Ginger Flower Bud etc.

Rojak - $5
One of the main dishes that you might want to try. Gravy of Mee Siam is light and refreshing without being too spicy. Ingredients include fishcake, beansprouts, Tau Pok, hard boil egg and spring onions.

Mee Siam - $5
Nasi Kunyit is one of the staples served by Nonya Delicatessen and if you observed, majority of the customers have one of such on their table. The portion of yellow ginger rice served was little but fragrant and packed of aroma. You can upsize the dishes at additional dollar for bigger serving. The serving includes a rich and succulent big piece of curry chicken whereby the meat easy fell off from its bone and sides like AChar and hard boiled egg were included too. On top of that, the chilli was commendable. It was sweet spicy, unique on its own. Simply, a satisfying meal!

Nasi Kunyit - $7
Fragrant and not mentioning the good portion of yam, sweet potato and red ruby it contains. Bo bo Cha Cha may be something you might want to order after your meal.

Bo Bo Cha Cha - $2.50
Refreshing and light with red beans and coconut jelly. Ice cubes were added to make it cold. However, with us just returning from Malacca weeks back, this Cendol is not comparable and taste is still far from expectation.

Cendol - $2.50
Overall, I like their service as they make us feel very at home. On a down side, one may need to queue for sometime and price maybe on a higher range. Nevertheless, looking at the queue and regular patrons, you will know that such delicacies are simply worth it.

The Queue

3.25 / 5

Nonya Delicatessen
Location: 1 Jln Anak Bukit #B1-K69 Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996

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