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Thursday, December 14, 2017

miCasa Kitchen & Bar

mi Casa is actually an upgrade from a nearby hawker stall in Bukit Timah market and food Centre. They have transformed from a kitchen into kitchen and bar now. On top of that, the upper level of miCasa provides a different type of ambiance.

While waiting for the food, we had some Australian Juices to accompany us. They are cranberry and lime juice.

Juices - $7
Ciabatta was lightly toasted and served warm with mushrooms.

Ciabatta with Mushroom - $9

Glistering top layer of pork cheek is crispy and definitely addictive with its melting texture. Put the cube into your mouth and gently press it down with your tongue and enjoy it. It may look the our Chinese version of "Sio Bak" but this is way healthier as these cheeks are less fatty, tender and richer in flavor. Try and you may like it!

Pork Cheek - $16
Live clams in white wine sauce was their Local Fresh Catch and nicely done up consisting buttery flavours of wine with garnishing like garlic, spring onions and cut chilli.

Live Clams in White Wine - $18
With the natural sweetness from the clams, the stock was made delicious and I cant stop at the first helping.

Close up of the Clams
It must be crazy to order Clam Pasta after ordering the live clams but the love of having clam just didnt stop us. Pasta was cooked to Al Dente perfection and in light stock. However we would prefer the stock of the pasta from the white wine above. Perhaps so, the dish will be made perfect.

Clam Pasta - $16
The thing about ordering striplion here is base strictly on its weight. If not for the wait on Tomahawks that will take about 45 minutes, we would have skipped the striploin. Nonetheless, having striploin also means that we may be back for the 1kg of Tomahawks. With the good crowd at night, if you want to order Tomahawks, it would be best to order in advance.

Striplion - $42.84
Striploin in medium rare doneness as requested was pretty well prepared as seen from the pinkish layer of meat in between, acommpanied by mashed potatoes and some garden greens. Meat was tender and awesomely done.

This is not the usual carbonara that get soaked in a pool of cream (even though I prefer that style). One of the perks of this dish is the generous use of sausage as well as pork meat.

Carbonara - $14
Given the homely ambiance and relaxing environment, its hard not to be back again. Food might not be the most authentic Spanish or Italian ones but at least it somewhere we know that will not hurt your pocket in terms of such cuisine.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mi Casa Kitchen & Bar
Location: 102C Jalan Jurong Kechil Singapore 598602

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