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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Eng Kee 榮記

We chanced by this place the last round while we were on our way to 2 Chefs Eating Place. We were caught by the pleasant surprise with a good long queue line up in front of Eng Kee. Where curiosity kills the cat, we walked forward to the old school coffeeshop and checked that it was actually selling some economical fried bee hoon with the standard sides / finger food that we can get from the supermarket.

Eng Kee
Lauded for its delicious and tasty chicken wings that was classified as one of the best 20 in Singapore, we find it hard to resist without ordering more than one portion for each of us. While many of us will think that economical Bee Hoon is best eaten in the morning but for Eng Kee, there are only operating from 12pm in Weekdays and 12.30pm to about 10 pm in the evening.

We had some plates with bee hoon and some plates with Bee Hoon Mee and the staples food items like fried eggs, cabbages, Otah, Ngoh Hiang, Taiwan Sausages, Fish cakes and Tau Kwa.

Fried Egg

The chicken wings were not ready at the point of our order due to high demands from the diner. It was quite amazing that the kitchen was actually frying chicken wings non stop as I could see the continuous batches of wings coming out of the kitchen during my queue for food.

Otah and Assortment
As I sink my teeth into the piping hot golden brown wings, I fell in love with its crispy thin crunching skin. As I sink my teeth further in, I realized the juiciness of it. However, if you are talking about the Chicken Wing's taste, it was not complicated as the marinate was simple. You do not expect something you can get from Prawn Paste Chicken's fragrance. However, its more like home cooked dishes that includes, pepper, soy sauce and some MSG for its marinate.

Chicken Wings - $1.20 Each

If you are talking about the plates of Bee Hoon, I would say that they did really have the old school plain taste with QQ texture.

Bee Hoon Mee
Beats me regarding the long queue but if you are looking for some simple and old school economical bee hoon, do not forget about Eng Kee. Where car parking lots are good enough, the only thing that turns one off may be the hot humid heat trap in the coffeeshop space after the afternoon sun shone so hard onto it.

Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive

Rating: 3 / 5

Eng Kee
Blk 117 Commonwealth Drive #01-711 Singapore 140117

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