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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken

Our cravings for Soya Sauce Chicken is back. While we all knew that the Famed Singaporean Soya Chicken Sauce loses its Michelin Star sometimes back, we did not bother much as we have our stomachs set to different Soya Sauce Chicken Stalls in Chinatown.

Stall of Ma Li Ya
Stall of Ma Li Ya

While the hunger level in us has spiked, it gave us no control but to order a whole chicken and share among ourselves.

Our Orders

Ma Li Ya's consistency in braising their chicken never lies. The chicken is still beautifully glazed to perfect brown and not oily at all. The parts of the meat were flavourful and succulent with umami flavours exploding in our mouths. The braised sauce has permeated well enough giving the natural flavours of the chicken a lift.

Hong Kong Style Soya Sauce Chicken
Hong Kong Style Soya Sauce Chicken - $16  (Whole)

If you are adding sides to your meal, having their Signature Braised Beancurd is not a bad choice too. This silky beancurd was well braised and generously drenched in the sweet dark sauce.

Signature Braised Beancurd
Signature Braised Beancurd - $1.50

Don't let those flavourful braised sauce go to waste, you can have them pair up with their white rice too.


Posted 01 July 2017

So much of Liao Fan Soy Chicken that has stolen the limelight these while as they got featured in top 50 Michelin Recommended food. However, there is also another Chicken Rice Stall that is worth visiting in the vicinity! Upon seeing at the signboard, it will give me a good smile if you think of the translation.

Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken

Good Dept of Flavour with Soya Sauce infused into the meat and this is good enough to give a significant difference from the usual Soy Chicken we had from Chicken Rice Stall. Not only was the sauce fragrant, but the skin of the chicken was also excellently done.

Signature Soya Soy Chicken - $10 (Half)
Meat was juicy with skin tone uniformly coated in its glistering brown suit. Tender and springy in each bite. How heavenly!

Additional Shot on the Signature Dish

A healthier version of Chicken Rice with lesser oil thus not as glossy as one might have seen. However, there is no noodle option found from their stall.


The taste as overall is quite unique and I don't mind spending some calories on these yummy chicken.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken
Location: Chinatown Food Centre #02-189, Singapore 050335

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