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Friday, June 30, 2017

Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop

How many such coffee shops do we have in Singapore nowadays? With the advancement of technology, many coffee shop that look like in the 90s would have been revamped to its modern state, coping up with the trendy renovations in the market.

Heap Seng Leong
With words of mouth, I get to know we have Heap Seng Leong still standing in the old estate, run by an old man in its pyjamas. A question that has been pondering us, how many hour did the old man actually sleep?  If you are unware, the boss (old man) is always in his sleeveless white singlet and striped bottom pyjamas. The interior was rustic with the old signboard, clock and even cabinets. If you are from the 80s and before, I bet the settings did let you have a good reminisce of your childhood days.

In the coffee shop
Many come here for this, Kopi Gu You aka Kopi Butter. Perhaps this cup of Coffee with butter will take you back a couple of decades back and a sip on it is just like a paused by the time machine, there you enjoy your heavenly

Kopi Gu You - $1.10
Charcoal Toasted Bread with slab of butter and kaya sandwich in between them. It may not be as crispy like a biscuit as compared to the chains coffee cafe but they do have a charred fragrance.

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Appearance wise, you wont get to see something very presentable, flatten and well stack. However these toasts do carry a very traditional feel and taste on the plate.

Kaya Toast - $1.20

Hope that such kind of traditional coffee shop will still be around. If you want to take a step back in time and sip a cup of good traditional coffee without paying too much like what we spend in a hipster cafe, visit Heap Seng Leong for its simple flavours. They are accessible within 5 minutes walk from Lavendar MRT.

Rating: 3 / 5

Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop
Location: Blk 10 North Bridge Road, #01-5109 Singapore 190010

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