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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ronin [Closed]

If you have not take a look closely, you will have miss out Ronin which is located at 17 Hong Kong Street. The facade is pretty usual like a office building and has no attention catching signage that make the place known.

As I went into the cafe, I was kind of shock with its crowd. Just imagine a place without signage, this cafe is surely doing good! The place was furnished in the industrial theme, dimmed but cosy with Menu attached to the wall. If you are looking for a great variety of food, then this place isn't quite for you as their menu is short and sweet, straight forward.

Menu on the wall
Be prepared to share tables with someone as I was told that the place was bustling with Cafehoppers during the weekends especially. Long Black is served in Hot and Cold with a dollar difference. Long Black has nothing to rave about as it quite ordinary. Perhaps we should have ordered their signature drink "Wicked".

Long Black (Hot) - $5
While the non coffee me prefers Matcha-Toned, it reminded me of my capsule drink from Dolce Gusto. The fun part about this is that those Green Matcha were sticked onto the wall of the glass and in order to experience the drink fully, I have to make a good stir in the cup.

Matcha-Toned - $6
Choice of Toast can be chosen, either Sourdough or seeded with Butter & Jam Lady Jam. We had something kind of mix and match on the menu with Eggs on our toast, scambled added with Pork Sausage and Portobello mushroom. Pretty ordinary.

Eggs on Toast with Sausage and Mushrooms - $18.50
Dirty Ronin does look dirty spreading on the Sandwiches and I guess perhaps this is how they name it after. These are quite challenging for fork and knife and I decided to use it bare hands. Sandwiches ingredients includes Chorizo (pork sausage), Emmental Cheese, soft egg, Miso Mayo and lettuce. The sandwiches wasn't quite for me as it was quite hard.

Dirty Ronin - $15
Overall, I felt that the place is more for coffee lover and nothing much about the food as menu was not extensive for us.

Rating: 3 / 5

Location: 17 Hongkong Street #01-01 Singapore 059660
Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm Daily

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