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Thursday, February 16, 2017

O'bean the Organic Soya Vegetarian Restaurant

Many thanks to the vegetarian pal who brought me here! With a reservation, we need not have to worry about shortage of seats. Having visit couple of Vegetarian Restaurants before, I must say that O'bean has her uniqueness as they incorporate Soya Bean into its organic food. This not only promotes healthy living and they also emphasize that their organic soya milk powder are suitable for people with Gout, Arthritis, Uric Acid & Diabetes.


Having Soya as their theme, there are of course lots of Soya Milk in the menu for their beverages. However we thought we might leave the stomach space for food instead as Soya Milk will fill the stomach.

Vit C + Grass Jelly (Cold) - $4.60 / Lime Juice - $4.60
I admit that the first mouthful of it had already blown my mind away. The fragrance braised items was perfectly done without being too salty and was not over powering. Vermicelli was soft and tasty. The hot Claypot was nicely hold in a basket which aids in handling.

 Braised Basil Vermicelli Claypot - $15.80
If you patronizes a vegetarian stall in the Hawker Centres or Coffee Shop, the dish may sound very usual. However, how the set platter stands out from the rest is its their kway is make of Organic Soya Bean served in a bowl of soya. Platter consist of Tau Pok, braised peanuts, preserved veggies, you tiao, beancurd, mock pork belly, braised egg and mock pork intestine.

Teochew Braised Mixed Platter - $7.20 (1 Pax) with Soya Kway Chap - $1.80

Meat Platter
Kway Chap

Their Signature Braised Rice was served in a bowl whereby ingredients was nicely stack up on top of the rice though it was compact, it makes sharing a little bit challenging over here. It comes with a set with a bowl of soup and rice includes ingredients like mock pork belly, preserved vegetables, seaweed, coriander and pickles vegetables with pineapple. It's quite special for me and as a soup lover, the bowl of soup was natural sweetness made up of sweetcorn, carrot, old cucumber, red dates and chinese wolf-berry.

Signature Braised Rice  - $3.30
Signature Braised Rice

Signature Braised Rice
Braised Rice
Served like a plate of 10 inch pizza loaded with coriander as garnishing. Seaweed Century Fried Egg was fluffy and interesting in presentation. Does it look like a pizza to you? There was not very heady smell of the century egg and texture of the egg resembles a good plate of cooked oyster egg.

Seaweed Century Egg Fried Egg - $15.80
Coming to the last item of our order, we had a hot dessert. It was served in an elegant glass, topped with red bean and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. It really makes the experience of having "Pulut Hitam" unique. The dessert by itself was non-sweetened and tasted bland, however, if you scoop some ice cream and pair it up with the dessert, it goes very well!

Ice Cream Black Glutinous Rice & Red Bean (Hot) - $6.60
One side note, their dish uses a lot of coriander leaves as garnish and totally a perfect choice for someone who likes it. For those who do not like the taste, perhaps it will be better to let the servers know and remove them.

Having said so, being always curious about vegetarian food, they always amazed me with their mock meat dishes and now, together with Organic Soya Milk, the idea of old school kind of vegetarian (Bee Hoon and a selection of preferred vegetables) had been completely removed in my mind. As this promotes healthy lifestyle, it's no wonder that we need a reservation prior to our dining to avoid disappointment!

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: 30-32 Tanjong Pagar Road 088453

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