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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tenryu Dining & Teahouse

I have heard about this hidden gem among the private housing estate recently and was rather interested to explore the quiet estate. Estate is quite remote and inaccessible if you don't drive as there is only 1 bus service. However for someone who enjoy peace and greenery, the estate will be a very good choice.

Tenryu Dining & Teahouse
Marked as their "Must Try", we could not help but to order. The Salmon Sushi Roll with Tenryu Sauce was topped with bonito flakes. Each piece of Salmon was lightly torched and you can enjoy the charred taste as well as the slight crisp.

Tenryu Maki - $17.80
The sauce that held the flakes were sweet and yummy. Dabbed them to the wasabi sauce and feel the "shiokness".

Tenryu's MUST TRY
Salmon Garlic Fried Rice is fragrant. Though there wasn't any visible garlic, the aroma is there and dish was well executed. Every white pearl rice was distinctively coated with oil and ingredients like eggs was generously used.

Salmon Garlic Yaki Meshi - $10.50
 Deep fried Croquettes are crispy too! There is only one type of Croquette on the menu and that was filled with Kani (Crab) meat with cream. As fillings are hot and creamy, be careful when you bite on them.

Kani Cream Croquette - $12
Deep Fried Tofu was nothing extraordinary, skip this for another dish.

Age Dashi Tofu - $5.50
Under their Agemono Menu, you can enjoy the Tempura Moriawase which consists of Deep Fried Prawns & Vegetables. Vegetables includes slides of sweet potato, carrot and brinja. =

Tempura Moriawase - $14.5
Looking forward to visit this place again with another friend for dinner soon.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tenryu Dining & Teahouse
Location: 17 Dairy Farm Rd, Singapore 679043

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