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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Classic Old Style Noodle Soup

While driving from Hua Hin to Cha-Am, we chanced by this Classic Old Style Noodle Soup by the side of the road. We wasn't sure of what to expect but we had decided to stop by with our car parked by the road side with cars passing by at high speed.

Classic Old Style Noodle
Menu at the Entrance
I was surprised to see Caucasians around in the Old Style eating place despite thinking that such shop will be mostly for locals. Place was decent and quite down to earth with basic furnishings. To me, the place seemed to be a shelter or perhaps a perfect place for Rest Stop after long hours of driving.


What do you like to eat?
Drinks Menu
Again, we had "Cha Yen" (Thai Milk Tea). Milk Tea was rather sweet but I guess this is how Thai enjoyed their beverage. On a second thought, if the food is spicy, sweet beverage will help to neutralize the spiciness.

Spices / Condiments
Thai Style Black Coffee - 20 Baht & Milk Tea - 25 Baht
Back at home, I'm not a fan of fish balls but over here in Thailand, I could not resist these bouncy and springy hand made fish balls. I do love them especially when they were dipped in the Chilli and fish sauce.

Fish Balls in Bowl with Vegetables 6 / 9 pieces - 20 / 30 Baht
For noodles, there will be a choice of clear or tomyam soup and special or regular size. Not only that, you can ge tto choose to have yellow or glass noodles.

This dish had totally got me! Perhaps, its the simplest yet best of all meal that I had! Hot & Soup Soup was really appetizing and how I wish I can have a bowl of it right in front of me now. The choice of my glass noodles have been massively covered by their use of ingredients. Slices of Char Siew, crunchy chips, beansprouts, minced pork meat and beautiful hard boiled eggs made up this favourite dish of mine. Garnishing like crispy fried pork lards, onion oil and spring onions were used to give the dish a tastier experience.

Hot & Sour (Tom Yam) Noodle Soup with Pork & Vegetables & Peanuts & Eggs - 45 Baht

I will recommend this!
We had the non spicy version as requested and had it done with the usual yellow noodles with chicken. Soup was sweet but I still prefer the Tom Yam Soup as it enlarges my appetite.

Noodle Soup Chicken & Vegetables & Peanut & Egg - 45 Baht
Close Up on the Noodle Soup
Rating: 4 / 5

Classic Old Style Noodle Soup
Location: 1248/1 (Phet Kasem Road) Cha-am, Changwai Phetchaburi

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