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Friday, August 5, 2016

Baan Itsara Restaurant

Enjoying Seafood by the Sea is something we are looking forward to as it was part of the relaxation aim from the trip. Baan Itsara was recommended by my Thai Pal who had patronized the place before and said that I can enjoy some food by the beach.

Baan Itsara Restaurant, Hua Hin
The waves

Sculpture and the sea

Calm and Beautiful

Dining Area
Dining Environment
The therapathic view of enjoying a glass of lemonade over the edgeless sea, listening to the sound of nature while waiting for our main food to be served.

Lemonade - 60 Baht
Simply love the Thai Style of preparing steam fish over the burning flame with the fish shape metal plate. Spices of the fish used were what we see from the mainstream thai dishes, that includes limes, garlic, chilli , parsley as the visible garnishing.Even though gravy was good, we did not order any rice to pair along as we were afraid of having no room for other Thai Snacks after dinner.

Steamed Whole Seabass with Lemon Sauce - 520 Baht
Fish Meat
That was the first time ever seeing Prawns dressed in Pandan Leaves "suits". I was not so sure if the fragrant of pandan leaves is effective on the prawns but the plate of prawns that was served in 5 was firm and fresh. You can see the aftermath of grilling with the burnt patches from the prawns' antennae as well as its legs, the leaves too.

Grilled White Tiger Prawn in Pandan Leaves - 440 Baht

Nicely Wrapped in Leaves
Excitement was curb upon looking at the lobsters. Wow, they were huge and the biggest that I had savoured so far. it was halved and presentation of food was nicely done with tomato carved into a rose, accompanied by sides like tomato and pineapple. In terms of the meat, I was kind of disappointed with its firmness.

Steamed Phuket Lobster with Sweet Basil Sauce - 480 Baht / 100g
Dinner was a good sum up for a Hua Hin Trip, at least we knew we had done dining by the sea. No doubt ambiance was good, I was not used to the intermittent animal's feces odour that blew towards us and that kind of bring down the mood. If you are attracted to insect, perhaps you may want to prepare yourself with some repellent before going there.

By the Sea
Walking out of the Restaurant
While passing by their kitchen

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Baan Itsara Restaurant
Location: 7 Naeb Kehardt Road, Hua Hin Subdistrict, Hua Hin District., Hua Hin, Thailand

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