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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Stone Cafe

Looking through the numerous of Cafes recommended through online research, we had planned our dinner place ahead at The Stone Cafe, one of the unique Cafes known for its view and scenery during dining.

Stone Cafe is situated in uphill areas that allow diners to dine in a village ambiance with stones and bamboo decors in gazebos, so you can at least forget that you are from the city.

Since it was raining and we are dining in large groups, we headed to the main dining area with tables and chairs. Given its style of furnishing, it looked like any typical Indonesian Restaurant with Wood as the main theme.

Dining Area
To our surprised our driver mentioned that Bandung are mostly rainy through the seasons and we could not get much view from the cafe during then.

Night Scene out of the Restaurant
 Street lights were rather dim and since it was a place with stones and slopes, we did not have the chance to move around the much.

Streets looking out of the restaurant
 Staff was professionally dressed in their uniform.

With Indonesia timing 1 hour difference from Singapore, we were already very hungry when we visited the place ~ most of us were dining out of the usual dinner hours. The milk shakes were lovely with chocolate love letters.

Strawberry and Vanilla milk shake
Whereas honey lemon was elegantly decorated with a slice of lime and Avocado Shake was served with whipped cream.

Honey Lemon - 28,000 IDR & Avocado Milkshake

Sate Ayam Meal was more straight forward and a basic introduction to Indonesian / Sundanese food I felt. There were a couple of chicken satay served separately apart from the plate of steamed rice, peanut sauce, pickled vegetables & melinjo / shrimp crackers.

Sate Ayam - 49,000 IDR
Sauce on the satay makes them seems more glossy and yummy. The charred satay sticks were good even if you were to have them alone.

Chicken Satay
Perhaps the signature dish that takes after the Cafe name.  The meal was elegantly served in a plate that resembles a painting palette with holes containing sauces, fruits and sides. Interesting.  Fried rice was spicy which reminds me of "Nasi Goreng Kampong" and was served with fried egg, chicken satay and melinjo / shrimp crackers.

Nasi Goreng The Stone - 58,000 IDR
Even though my throat wasn't feeling that comfortable to consume any spicy and fried food. I'm left with no choice but to comply to the situation as Indonesian food are mostly spicy and heaty. Anyway, this Traditional Sundanese food is well worth the experience. The steamed rice was wrapped in leaves and was spicy with petai as ingredients. It threw a surprise to me as I thought my rice suppose to be plain with no additional items. Other items like fried chicken, bean curd, vegetabkes and anchovy chips were placed on the wooden tray. Chicken was well fried and if you are expecting meaty and plump chicken, this kampong chicken may disappoint you. On the contrary, I felt safer in eating Kampong chicken and if you need additional kick to your meal, dipped them into the chilli sauce given.

Nasi Raos Komplit - 75,000 IDR
Food was an average fare but it was a good experience travelling out from the usual city areas. Given the weather to be good and in day light or even blue hours, I bet that the place will be nicer.

The Stone Cafe
Location: Coblong, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia

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