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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Osteria Art

Visiting Osteria Art for Restaurant Week dining was a last minute arrangement from my pal. I have not heard of her name till last week when I was introduced to this elegant Italian restaurant and bar by Beppe De Vito.

Osteria Art
It threw me a surprise as I did not expect the environment being upscale and immediately I felt as though I'm in a foreign country with most of their staff being Caucasians. The outer part of the dining place is a Alfresco area installed with ceiling fans and laid with beautiful furnishings and Italian Marble. And since its located in a strategic location among the CBD offices, do check out their exquisite bar lounge right next to its entrance.

Before Entering Osteria Art
As you walked deeper into the restaurant,  feel the ambiance while you enjoy a good passion for Italian Cuisine with quality and freshness of ingredients. The 80 Seater Osteria environment lays a comfortable European feel with dining table neatly spread with white table cloth and bright red leather chairs.

Dining Environment
Let's start off the Italian gastronomic heritage with our Restaurant Week Dinner Menu at $58++ per pax...

Besides dipping the warm buns into balsamic vinegar oil, what I like best was these 2 soft sponge starters that contains cheese in them!

Cheese Balls
Plain water for the teetotalers...

Quench Your Thirst
The overlapping of scallops was topped with fava beans and elegantly decorated with flowers and the halves of Quail Egg. Paring the starter with raspberry balsmico gave a different taste to the plain sweet scallop. If you love sashimi, you will love the texture of this dish!

Scallop Carpaccio with Fava Beans, Quail Egg and Raspberry Balsamico
Pappardelle was our additional order on top of the restaurant week menu. These large, board flat pasta noodles were perfectly cooked and was really delicious in its red wine sauce and shredded cheese topping. I enjoyed their softness of pork cheek which literally melts in your mouth. Crispy pork lards / belly meats had not only added another texture to the dish but also gave a good aroma to it.

Pappardelle with Pork Cheek & Red Wine - $28
The miniature size of ravioli had immediately caught my attention with its green foam and brown lobster bisque that was generously spread on top of the pasta. These Ravioli contained shredded crabs meat in its bag. As a whole, its a dish proportionately spread out and their sauce left my lips wanting for more.

Crab Ravioli with Lobster Bisque and Basil Foam
Colors of the dish is interestingly match among 3 colours here and ravioli within a size of a table spoon.
The Size of Ravioli on a Table Spoon
Here comes the main with a large cube of Atlantic Cod sitting on Sea Urchin Zabaglione with Sunchoke paste underneath and Romanesco Broccoli as sides. Other than the Cod on this main dish, all the rest was my very first try out. Initially, I'm not very use to the taste of Zabaglione and sea urchin but after a few mouthful of it, I got addicted. Though I'm someone who enjoys the freshness of consuming cod fish, the style of its preparation was not to my liking

Atlantic Cod with Sea Urchin Zabaglione, Sunchoke and Romanesco
 Amazing ending to the meal with a good dessert that kind of act as a palate cleanser to the seafood dish earlier on. A mixture of black, rasp and strawberry fruits on its top layer with some matcha sponge cake while in the second layer it was well done with white chocolate that was not too sweet. What I like about the middle layer was the little crunchy chocolate balls surprises in between the bites.

Amalfi Lemon & White Chocolate Lingotto with Red Berries
 And finally, a good closing up to the meal with our tea and coffee in place accompanied by some sugar coated peanuts.

Tea / Coffee
To be frank, it was a great opportunity to have visited Osteria Art. I love how my dining was without any hurry to rush us off even after we completed our meals. Waiters will still continue to top up our glasses of plain water. Praises to their service and not only that, waiter that served us was well trained , knowledgeable and knows the menu well.

Osteria Art
Bearing the mind of its ambiance and budget, it is best recommended for special occasion.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Osteria Art
Location: 55 Market Street Singapore 048941

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