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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

INDOCAFE - the white house

The stretch of buildings along Scotts road had always spurred my interest and I could not help turning my heads back over and over again each time as we drove pass there. In fact, I have always thought that it was some private housing since the facade looked like its kind of from the Bristish Colonial times.

Into the compound
Another thing that made me think that it was more of residence was that there was usually one or two cars in the compound and I always thought that if it was something commercial, there should be more vehicles in there.

Till we went into the compound and understand that parking lots were really limited and valet service is available.

Colonial Housing
INDOCAFE is situated on a raised ground and you have to climb up a few steps through the stair of red carpet. Be welcome by the Peranakan flooring at its alfresco dining and rich culture before you entered into the restaurant.

Exterior Environment

I was enlightened by the cafes lamp hanging down from the ceiling and its pot of flowers as we entered into the restaurant. There then the waiter ushered us to our table.


Place was modernly furnished yet still retaining some peranakan culture with its wooden furnitures as well as decorations.

At any time if you feel that you need to spice up more on the food, just dig the small spoon into the peranakan style pot for more chilli,

Sambal Belachan Chilli
The dishes were all served at a go and not according to any sequence as stated in the menu. However, the waiter that served us did mention every dish's name as he placed our sharing portion on the table.

"Bok Nee" when translated from Teochew means black fungus. The salad was served cold and rather spicy to me. Salad consisted of Wild "Wood Ear" black fungus with Sambal dressing. Red onions as well as chilli padi can be seen among the cold salad, it really gave our tongue a very good heaty kick for a start.

Bok Nee Salad
Talking about Peranakan food, Kueh Pie Tee is always my top favourite as snack among the cuisine. Ingredients are served separately from tThe Crispy pastry cups. Get your hands dirty by making your own Kueh Pie Tee now.

Kueh Pie Tee & its ingredients
Ingredients like shredded turnips, prawns, mushroom and even fresh crab meats was given. In fact, I would say that they are more than sufficient for the 4 cups. How generous! Before serving the kueh Pie Tee, do remember adding the garlic chilli on your cup, it does really make a big difference!

My Kueh Pie Tee

Don't miss out another staple by the Peranakan's. This homemade 5 spiced pork meat was rolled and wrapped in soy bean curd skin then deep fried. Sweet sauce and sesame seeds were added when served. Color was dark brown which was close to a burnt color, however be rest assured that the meat was moist and overall the bite was crispy bite at exterior and was soft in its fillings.

Ngoh Hiang
The fattier it is, the more authentic it becomes. Forget about the lean pork you have outside for Babi Pongteh, try this and enjoy the absolute softness from the braised pork belly in fragrant soya bean paste and aromatic spices. The dish was served with potatoes but just too bad that they tasted quite plain, nevertheless they still made a good pairing in making the gravy thicker, looking more scrumptious.

Babi Pongteh
Quality beef cheek slow-cooked to perfect softness, easy on the jaws. All was good but the miss was that the Rendang was not strong enough even though the Wagyu was prepared in INDOCAFE's special blend of spices.

Wagyu Beef Rendang
Kari Ikan was rated the best dish among the rest. The cod fish fillet was fried and even though it is served in authentic Nyonya gravy, the meat still holds on together and would not tear apart easily. Therefore, retaining the texture as it was supposed to be.

Kari Ikan
Stir fried Eggplant dish may be rather simple but its spicy Sambal chilli was something that lift up the entire dish!

Sambal Terong
Chap Chye has a stronger fermented bean curd taste than the usual ones I had elsewhere. The excellent find here is the prawns and pig skin with the standard braised mixed vegetables. As usual the gravy goes well with the refillable plain white rice.

Chap Chye
Looking at my plate of desserts, I was kind of disappointed as they looked boring to me. In fact, I make a glance over the next table and they had the rainbow lapis which I wold prefer more. Since this portion is individual , it would be good they can served differently for the assorted kuehs for each person. 

Assorted Nyonya Kueh Kueh
The Peranakan fare we had was above average but it did not have the impressive factor that will imprint a good memory. As far as the restaurant week menu is concern, it will be good to see more selection of Nyonya dishes available like Ayam Buah Keluak, Bakwan Kepiting etc.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: 335/35A Scotts Road Singapore 228227

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