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Monday, March 7, 2016

Restaurant Haesje Claes

I got hooked by the taste of Traditional Dutch Food and insisted we have another Stammpot before saying good bye to Amsterdam. We visited Restaurant Haesje Claes which was recommended by the Tourist Centre and in fact we should be visiting them for dinner during our first night in Amsterdam but due to our itineraries, we kept it for 2nd Night.

Part of the Intterior
Comparing to The Pantry from the first night, Haesje Claes is bigger, catering to more seating with 2 levels of dining area. Environment was definitely more rustic with wooden flooring, furnishing and given a homely feel under the orange lighting as well the hospitality from the service crews. 

Interior at Level 2
Place was bustling with people and if you looked around, it feels like you are entering a grandma's house with old school stuff that you have never seen before.


Though it may be old school design but I still like the low lighting ambiance that create a good atmosphere with burning flame on the candle stand.

Burning Candle
Worrying about being filled fast and Since Im looking for Stammpot in my meal,  we cant go wrong with their fixed set menu "Amsterdam Menu 24,95 which consists of 3 courses and a cup of coffee.

As for myself, I took the opportunity to have some beer again!


This is another version of Pea Soup I had with ingredients in it. Taste was pleasant with sausage, bacon, carrots, potatoes and celery in combination. The style of soup and even the side that comes with it was a total different picture from what I had last night and was filling. Instead of toast, they had a slice of rye bread with thin slice of bacon for pairing.

Pea Soup with Sausage, bacon
What's in the Soup?
Bacon on Rye Bread

Time for seafood and that's the main reason why we had Poached Salmon Fillet. Not much of Wow Factor here but Salmon was cook to the correct doneness and given the buttery and herb flavour Bearnaise Sauce amd lemon squeeze, the fillet was down in my stomach within 3 minutes, leaving the mashed potatoes behind.

Poached Fillet of Salmon with Bearnaise Sauce
Topping up the Set with another main course, Stampotten. There are 3 in the menu to choose from and I had the one with Sauerkraut. Meatball was savoury but I do prefer the ones I had last night. Sausages, so to speak was an average fare, not something out of expectation.

Sauerkraut with meatball, sausage and bacon - 16,25

Our meal comes to an end with the Lemon Pie as the last course. At least the colors had brighten up the dish and it gave a refreshing feel with its fruits on the plate (Kiwi and Orange).

Lemon Pie with Cream
Having Sausages and Sauerkraut in our meals these two days, I find that Dutch Cuisine is kind of close to what a German Cuisine is. Overall, Haesje Claes is a good recommendation if you want to enjoy some authentic flavour from the Dutch.

Restaurant Haesje Claes
Location: Spuistraat 275, 1012 VR Amsterdam, Netherlands

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