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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kartika Sari

What's the common souvenirs to bring back after a trip to Indonesia? Well, most of time I will bring back their local delights, "Thousand Layers Cake" ,or we called it Kueh Lapis. Kartika Sari is a recommendation through my colleagues via words of mouth and since its within 10 minutes of walk from our Hotel (Hilton Hotel Bandung), we visited them during our last minute shopping before departing Bandung.

Kartika Sari
It is housed in the ground floor of a modernly painted building and if you are looking for Tibits and Pastry, this is a good chance to do your purchase.

Take a look into their chiller and you will notice a good varieties of Lapis and cakes they offered. Since there is no label to indicate the item, we had to select and ask them exactly what was that. Service staff is very friendly although our conversation in English was not that very fluent. The Lapis in the chiller are mostly for display and once after placing our order with the counter, they will instruct the kitchen to cut the ordered portion.

Chiller Display
Lapis is modernly kept in a transparent box with a sticker indicating the number of branches they have in Indonesia. Having bought Lapis from Indonesia all these while, this was the first time I saw them using plastic boxes instead of card boxes.

Kartika Sari
Cost about $17 SGD, I would honestly say that the Lapis was commendable. Every layer was even out and thinly made. Texture was soft and buttery fragrance was present and not overpowering. The amount of Cinnamon and Nutmeg powder was well controlled too. Talking about Lapis being greasy, its actually a norm but thankfully they were not overly done.

Lapis Legit Original - IDR 170,000
With a difference of $0.50 you get to enjoy chocolate flavours in the lapis. Though I'm not a fan of chocolate but the checkered decorations on the cake had enticed me. The taste is as good and with hint of chocolate.

Lapis Legit Tikar - IDR 175,000
After coming back to Singapore, I realised that they have an online service where ordered items can be delivered directly to Singapore as well as Malaysia.

Kartika Sari
Location: Jl. Haji Akbar No. 4, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Jawa Barat 40171, Indonesia

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