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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cafe Wilder

If you are visiting Christina, you may want to have your lunch somewhere nearby in the estate at Cafe Wilder. In the rain while we were finding other places for our late lunch, we ended up in Cafe Wilder after several fail attempts in locating the place that we wanted to go.

Cafe Wilder
Immediately we feel warm as we entered the place and temperature was a vast different from the outside. We took off our coat and hanged it on the stand as suggested by the servers. Interior was simple and wasn't too lavish in its furnishings as flooring was plain in its cement screed.


Lunch Menu
Beating the cold rainy weather, I finally get down with a cup of hot Chocolate to keep myself warm. I was quite thirsty during then and had finished it even before the food was served.

Hot Chocolate
I remember it tasted like Ribena with slice of lime but in its warm temperature. It wasn't a bad idea to have beverage like this in the cold.

While in Denmark, you have to try Smørrebrød or they call it Open Sandwiches. In any case it puzzles you, its actually consist of a buttered rye bread, dense and dark brown in color with toppings like cheese, cold cut pieces of meat or fish.

Comparing to Singapore currency, Danish Krone is about 5:1. Even though it might be something small in size that we are eating, living expenses in Denmark is incomparable to Singapore.

Since its my first Open Sandwich, I'm pretty impress by its medium roasted tenderness beri beri duck chest served with cheese, sprouts and shredded red cabbages.

Duck Breast - Kr 89
 Perhaps you might say I have not get enough of herring from Amsterdam but right now in Denmark, Cafe Wilder had it served fried. These home made fried herring from Sagen topped with capers, dill and red onions. It got really different taste when Herring was served in Raw as compared to fried and even such simple bites were make so scrumptious. I like the part where thin slices of apple gave a crunchy touch to it.

Fried Herring - Kr 79
 Beside Open Sandwiches, Wilderburger had caught us. 200g of beef from Himmerland was sandwiched in between the organic brioche bun with tomato, bacon, cheese, salad, red onion and pickles.

This course was served with fries as side with dipping sauce like chilli mayonnise and ketchup.

Wilder Burger - Kr 149
To be frank, I'm not really a fan of Smørrebrød (Open Sandwiches) but it was a really good experience to have in Copenhagen. Overall, service was good with friendly staff around making us felt comfortable. 

Cafe Wilder
Location: Cafe WilderWildersgade 56 1408 København K Denmark Christianshavn

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