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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Raven

It was such a joy visiting Bath in United Kingdom and we were glad to visit The Raven at Bath as they were one of the top 10 recommendations to dine over there.

The Raven is traditionally owned and unlike most of the pubs in UK, they are not related to any brewery or business.

Drinks Menu on the wall, look around for Wifi Password
 If you are looking for some Ales and pies, they are specialized in that. They have 2 options of bar and in a smoke free environment, best still there isn't any loud music playing in the background.

Bar Counter
Walk up to the 2nd Storey and feel at home at their dining area that comes with plushy seats and even magazine for your readings.

Dining Interior
What we like best is their fantastic selection of choice of chips / mash and gravies. Ordering of pie is easy in 5 steps:

1) Pick your pie,
2) Choose mash or chips,
3) Choose the gravy
4) add on sides if any and lastly,
5) order at the bar.

Menu - Front & Back
Menu - Pies & Not Pies
Having my first mouthful of Raven Ale Pie, I would say that the feeling was great as the Pie was crusty in the exterior and densely packed with meat and vegetables.

Raven's Ale Pie - £9.20
The Ale Pie was specially made by their Pie Minister using their in house Raven Ale with fillings consist of West Country Beef, onion, carrots, Raven Ale, green peppercorns and thyme. The gravy that I had opted was Red Wine and Thyme.

Pie's Fillings
It's hard not to try anything on the menu made in house by the Raven, thus we had the Barlett's Beef & Sausages made using their own Raven Ale. The sausages were awesome and tasted different for from the usual ones. They were served with mashed potatoes and our choice of gravy was sage & onion which goes very well with the dish.

Bartlett's Beef & Raven Ale Sausages - £9.20

The sides comes along with the non-pie dishes and we chose the Honey Roast Vegetables to the homemade slaw. The vegetables was interesting and consist of parnips, carrots and squash slow roasted with honey, herbs and olive oil.

Honey Roast Vegetables
Do not worry about absence of sauce, in fact I'm quite surprised to find a variety of them on the condiments container placed on the table. Do help yourselves.

Do not worry about sauce availability!
Last but not least, if you do not mind drinking beer, do not leave the place without having a glass of their Ale. Their beer was good, soothing and not too dry, giving a perfect match to their savoury pies.

Here's an overview of The Raven on Video.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: 7 Queen Street Bath BA1 1HE United Kingdom


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