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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Being "stranded" in Munich Airport after given notice that my flight had been delayed for about 3 hours due to the heavy fog in Manchester, I went round and round the departure area for window shopping before coming to a conclusion that I should have some food before the flight.

This is not the first time I had visited Bamee and I remembered how expensive their meals were during my last trip to Munich. Therefore I was hesitant to buy a meal from them initially.

Being lost with the choice of food on it menu, I'm kind of enlightened when I overheard some of the Singapore Air Stewardess that their Roasted Duck is good and I decided to give it a try though it was one of the most expensive dishes on the Menu board.

The authenticity of the meal is never a question to me as most of them are from Thailand from the way they had conversed in their mother tongue language. I ordered my meal without additional drink as it costs me 6 Euros (that's about $10 SGD) for any regular cup of juices displayed.

In exchange for the buzzer, I received my meal with a generous bowl of rice served in a elegant plate together with the Roasted Duck in Red Curry. The smell and the look of it drove my stomach crazier. It groans louder and faster literally.

Geang Ped Yang - 16,90 Euros
The crispy roasted duck was really good and red curry was not too spicy. Vegetables like long beans, capsicums and cherry tomatoes were included in the curry too. The sweet tasting curry was a perfect go to the bowl of white rice.

Red Curry
Coming from an Asian perspective, the bowl of Roasted Duck with Red Curry was creditable and left me a very good ending trip in Munich. I'm glad I made a wise choice to follow the recommendations of the Air Stewardess.

Besides having self service at collection, it would be a good practice to keep your empty dishes at the collection point after dining.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: Terminal 1, Departures C, Munich, Germany

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