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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Setting against Singapore's beautiful skyline, one of Singapore Signature Food event from Singapore Food Festival 2015, STREAT was held over 2 days at Clifford Square, 24-25 July 6 to 10 pm, admission free.

Scenic View to MBS
Our reowned local Chef Justin Quek from Sky at 57 had organized and selected Singapore's best hawkers & chefs to serve up local dishes with contemporary interpretations of the local favorites.

Directions were well illustrated by signboards & it is less likely that you will be lost over there.

We walked one round and check the available stalls and familiar ourselves before jumping into conclusion on what to order.

Artichoke Cafe & Bar
Address: Sculpture Square, 161 Middle Road Singapore 188978

Suckling Pig Sandwich drew my friend's attention that we decided to join in the queue. Just too bad that their Neh Neh Pop Creamsicles were sold out for the day. Thus we had the sandwich instead.

Suckling Pig came in cubes not in pulled pork form. They were succulent and rich in taste. Meat and vegetables relish were sandwiched in between the baugette with mint leaves. Such creation reminds me of a fusion of Chinese and European cuisine, kinda interesting.

Suckling Pig Sandwich with Salted Vegetables Relish - $12

Chao Shan Cuisine
Address: 85 Beach Road Singapore 189694

The appearance of Chao Shan Cuisine booth had brought me another step closer to Teochew Cuisine. Despite coming from a Teochew family, my dictionary for Teochew dishes are rather limited. The mixed platter stirred my interest with the Loh Bak cubes on the plastic spoon whereby you can see translucent jelly substance too. Let's get some collagen fix here.

Platter consists of meat balls as well as Ngoh Hiong.

Chao Shan Cuisine
Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Original Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee
Address: 95 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427389

The sight of the well built man at booth of Kway Guan Huat (Joo Chiat) had attracted a lot of passers by. This scene had remind me of the recent viral on social media where macho guys were seen selling Bean Curd or Durian in Taiwan and Malaysia respectively.

Preparing to make Popiah Skin
Holding onto a big dough and painstakingly creating the Popiah skin over the heating element. I guess this is probably how his muscles came from.

The Art of Making Popiah Skin
The dough was sticky and it requires some skill in order to get the skin in the correct thickness and without having holes.This was a rare sight as nowadays, it's hard to see popiah sellers making their own popiah skin as they usually get from others.

Formation of Popiah Skin

 Let's take a look at the video.

The Kueh Pie Tee as well as the Popiah at Kway Guan Huat (Joo Chiat) had lost its appeal in their presentation. In fact, I was kind of disappointed with its preparation though the Kueh Pie Tee Cups were still in its crispy form, the vegetables had turned black in some spots.

Kueh Pie Tee & Popiah - $7
Popiah on the other hand was mishandled. The cut on the knife was not thorough and it left scraps of ingredients hanging around the 3 pieces of popiah. Having said that, I will prefer buying fresh from their place in Joo Chiat instead.

Sean Kee
Location: 659 Lorong 35 Geylang Road Singapore 389589
Operating Hours: 11am - 6pm (Closed on Alternate Saturday)

It caught my total surprise that SIA KEE was one of the selection as I only learn of their famous braised duck rice a week ago before this event. Being addicted after my first try of their duck rice via taking away from their stall in Geylang, I could not resist myself to get any closer to their braised duck again.

Sean Kee
The duck platter was a simple introduction to their braised duck and was awesome. Braised duck was tender with luscious black gravy coated all over them accompanied by big pieces of braised peanuts too.

Duck Platter - $8
Sky on 57
Location: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave (Level 57) Singapore 018956 

Last but not least, after rounds of the delicious food, we entered into the main stall of this event.

Singapore Feastival
Besides the stalls that Chef Justin had selected, the main attraction will be his Pop-up restaurant featuring Sky on 57 in Marina Bay Sands.

Pop Up Restaurant by Chef Justin Quek
We ordered his 3 Course Set Menu at price of $35, starting with Pacific Oysters that comes in a plate of 3. Big Oysters were all served on a bed of light green ice and tasted so inviting with Ginger Flower dressing. Taste was a mixture of sweetness and hints of ginger without being overpowering. What's best was that the seafood odour was entirely taken off from them.

Pacific Oysters
Asutralian Dorper Lamb Spare Ribs was served with mashed potato and oriental greens, achiving its taste and tenderness in fermented bean curd as well as some Asian Spice. Always use to think Lamb meat are tougher but this proof me wrong.

There is an alternative for skipping the lamb, however this is only upon request. We had one of our set changed to Wagyu Beef instead. Food combination and meat preparation was the same, however if you were to ask me to choose one between the two. My vote will go to the lamb for its fork tender meat.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura was bought under Ala Carte, sharing the same same Ginger Flower Dressing from the oysters. Though fried, those soft shell crab was not oily at all. It was served with cucumber, roasted peanuts and pineapple.

Soft Shell Tempera - $10
Ending the 3 Course meal with a dessert, the Gula Java Creme Brulee was made up of Sago Pearl, Chocolate Mousse and coconut cream.

Gula Java Creme Brulee
And here's the 3 Course Set Menu!

Set - $35
And our cup of coffee!

Cup of Coffee
We met Chef Justin Quek in real person and had a good chat with him. This friendly guy also offered each of us has a cup of wonderful drink to end the night with. Thanks Chef!

Really looking forward to the next Singapore Food Festival Event.

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