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Friday, August 7, 2015

Platypus Family Kitchen

Having seen the word "Platypus" so frequently recently, it caught me by surprise during my routine groceries shopping in the mall. I saw some advertisement stating that Bukit Timah Plaza do have a "Platypus Place" and out of curiosity I took note of the unit number to check them up. It was located in a secluded corner where most of the shoppers like me would not even bother to travel there as most of the shops were closed. It seems like the target audience were more towards Family as the children's enrichment classes were located behind the Kitchen. Perhaps this is how their "Family" name came about.

A little background of Platypus: It is a Singapore based restaurant groups with 9 outlets in Singapore. They served modern cuisine with Italian and Mediterranean Influences.

Platypus Family Restaurant
The place was kind of quiet and you can see parents passing by their time there while waiting for their kids lessons to end.

Flashing Pager was implemented and there is no service charges required here.

Flashing Pager
We took up the promotion meal with 2 drinks, 2 main courses, 1 side and 1 soup of the day which costs $22.90.

Taste like home style black tea with a slice of lemon infusing the drink. The good part about the drink is that, we can adjust the sweetness level by pouring in the amount of sweetener ourselves.

Ice Lemon Tea
Pumpkin Soup with thicken cream was served. It was a good start to be filled with yummy soup that was not diluted. Sweetness was moderate and all were good for a start.

Pumpkin Soup
Main Course as Fish & Chips and the presentation was attention drawing especially in its color. Bright yellow, red tomatos and greens from Mesclun Salad were all pleasant for the eyes. Fish fillet was battered and fried to its crisp texture. Together with its thick cut fries and ample of Tar Tar Sauce with the zesty lemon juice, I would say this main course is comforting enough.

Fish & Chips
As it was quite hard on its outer crust, I would say I prefer Fish & Chips to be done more in the British Style as compared to this.

Battered Fish
I have never come across the word "Pom Pins" and so as for the sides, we had chosen this golden fried little balls (Pom Pins) over those boring fries. They were made up of mashed potato, similar to the ingredient of Tater Tots just that the latter is done up by grated potatoes. Came in bite sizes, these lovely deep fried balls were crispy in its outer and soft in its inner. It gave me a feeling that goes "Once you pop you cant stop".

Pom  Pins
The guy likes the style of Carbonara where it wasn't too creamy and sparingly used with every bit of it sticking closely to the strands of spaghetti. Parmesan cheese, bacon bits and chopped herbs were used to whip up such a dish. As for myself, I prefer my Carbonara to have a creamy pool of sauce within the plate.


With its promotional pricing, its all worthwhile and having said that with such serving at some restaurants chain, it could cost up to twice the amount. For those who want to enjoy their meal over a quiet place in Bukit Timah, you can head down to Platypus Family Kitchen.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Platypus Family Kitchen
Location: Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #02-01B Singapore 588996

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