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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dong Po Colonial Cafe 東坡茶室

Cafe Hopping? Perhaps we should not forget about our origins by visiting such nostalgic cafe situated in Arab Street with some old school pastries and cakes or even a cup of coffee. Using the authentic recipes back dated into the 50s and 60s centuries, Dong Po Colonial Cafe allowed their customer to have a good feel back dating to the past and savouring the taste of then, surrounded by old school items around.

Facade of Colonial Cafe
The old school interior were pretty well retained, just take a look at the rusty zinc roof like material under decking up below the cashier counter.


Head deeper to somewhere near the cashier and you will see the nostalgic items all tucked in one corner - the old school movie deck, type writer, plates, photos, amplifier, lamp, coca cola etc.

Nostalgic Area
Not only that, you get to see sentimental stuffs like the old school magazines, old school cameras with bulbs replacement too.

Old Magazines
Too tempted with all the cakes and pastries on the shelves? There were set options to assist diners on the selection through their Menu Set.

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 We got ourselves a Set D whereby we have the option to select 2 pastries with either Teh or Kopi.

Set D - $5
The first bite of Rum Cake was like travelling back in time via time machine into the 80s days when such cake would make my day. Such feelings were just indescribable. The almond flakes over the medium soft sponge cake with its middle brown portion gave total de ja vu for my childhood. This is perhaps the best rum cake I had right now.

Rum Cake - $2.20
 Strawberry Mousse Cake which was most likely replaced by the Strawberry Cheese Cake nowadays, lookalike. With a beautiful red top layer covered with Gelatine Jelly with alternating mousse and sponge cake. Though it may taste a tad sweet but having such sweet treats is definitely heavenly once in a blue moon.

Strawberry Mousse Cake - $2.20
The coconut tart had a sharp coconut taste however, it tasted abit dry on its pastries even though the buttery fragrance was good.

Coconut Tart - $2
Another old school item for the sweet tooth. The top layer of almond flakes were coated with honey sweet stuff and the bottom layer was like short bread filled of buttery fragrance. Yummy!

Florentine Cookie Bar - $2
 An unusual sight of Pineapple tart! These days Pineapple tarts were either in rectangular or round sizes, never in a little boat shape of this size. Its big and beautifully baked, stuffed with sweetened Pineapple.

Pineapple Tart
Having tried its cake few times by taking away, I have never knew and appreciate its history. Through this visit, I had learnt about its environment and the old fashioned recipes. It makes it a point to be back once a while for such old school indulgence.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Dong Po Colonial Cafe
Location: 56 Kandahar St Singapore 198904

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