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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Chat Thai

How amazing it was as we walk down the Thaitown in Sydney. It simply opens the doors in Australia to the South East Asia Food Culture which is so close to our hearts. Chat Thai was one of the reputable Thai Cuisine place that many raved about. Not mentioning the crowd and the awards they have got all these while, the queue was like never ending.

Chat Thai

While queuing, I was rather curious and looking through the glass panel observing the staff handling the food stuff. With hats and gloves worn, the standard of hygiene is never an issue here.

Staff at Work
Finally we got in and had our own table with their menu.

Atmosphere was dim and cozy with elegant glass doors featuring the mezzanine and traditional Thai Songs playing softly in the background which make the whole place seems so upmarket even though the whole restaurant was pack full of bustling sound from the patrons.


 Drinking water was served in cups like this.

 Fresh Spring Rolls starring smoked fish sausages, chicken and crab with caramelised tamarind relish caught me by surprise with its tangy and sweet taste.

Fresh Spring Rolls - $12 (AUD)

The green curry of chicken came with apple eggplants, kaffir lime leaves and basil. Curry was luscious that gave a whiff of fragrance. Pairing it along with a bowl of Jasmine White Rice at $3 AUD will be perfect.

Gaeng Keaw Gai - $15 AUD
 Stir fried thin rice noodles served with chicken, bean sprouts, dried shrimps, garlic and chives in tamarind and palm sugar sauce were delicious.

Padt Thai - $14 AUD
Was missing some Asian Dessert, Cheng Tng, that I have decided to for for its chilled little bowl of Tao Tung. It came with a heap of shaved ice and let's take a look at what's beneath it.

Tao Tung - $6 AUD
It was a mild sweet soup with herby taste made up of longan juice and a variety of beans, seeds and jelly like toddy palm, mung beans, chinese red dates, longan, aloe vera jelly, azuki beans, pearl barley, lotus seeds and tapioca balls. It was refreshing and cooling, similar to what you can get from Ching Tng.

Tao Tung Ingredients

We must have been missing Singapore's desserts that we ordered the chendol like drink here. The drink was in milky green, made up of sweet fragrant coconut milk and silky pandan jelly.

Lodt Shong Singapore - $5.50

We were really lucky to have ourselves a seat in there despite of the huge crowd. For those who are going for Thai Food in Thai Town, Chat Thai is recommended if you have a bit of budget. What's more tax is exempted over here too!

Rating: 4 / 5

Chat Thai Thaitown
Location: 20 Campbell St. Haymarket
Operating Hours: Lunch  : 10am-5pm
                                Dinner : 5pm-10pm
                                Supper : 9.30-2am

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