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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vie Bistro

A renovated environment with a warmer lighting does make the difference. The usual old school typical looking coffee shop had somehow adopted a new face lift and is up to trend now. With fixed tables and seats, the place is more spacious compared to before.

Spotted the Western Food Stall of Vie Bistro and decided to give their Chicken Chop a try even though their speciality was grilled salmon.

Vie Bistro
The paging system is getting popular even in coffee shop of the neighborhood nowadays. I'm quite surprised that such devices is getting handy in our lives.

Paging Buzzer

Chicken chop was coated with a layer of savoury brown sauce with hints of black pepper but it was not too spicy for the palette. Even though I would prefer mushroom sauce to peppery taste, I guess they only have this sauce as default. Sauce was filled with chopped pieces of onions as well.

Chicken Chop - $6.50
Slab of chicken was fork tender and skillfully grilled to a flavorable taste that came with charred edges. With the marinates and scrumptious sauce, there is no doubt about coming back to Vie Bistro again. Cost wise, it's pretty decent and standard to the market practice.

Chicken Chop with sauce
Rating: 3.25 /  5

Vie Bistro
Location: Blk 155, Bukit Batok St 11 Singapore 650155

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