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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Soup Master Chinatown

Unsure of what's there to eat from a food court? Perhaps try out the healthy yet without feeling guilty meal at Soup Master Chinatown as it not only ascertain you a nutritional meal but also helps in the healthly lifestyle that most of us are looking forward to.

Soup Master Chinatown

The sweet flavours of Chinese pear and red apple had given an appetising taste to the pork rib soup together with chinese apricot seeds. The soup, for instance is apparently good for cough and lungs.

Apple & Apple Pork Ribs Soup
Beating the heat, I had the bowl of Watercress with pork ribs. Soup was no doubt sweet with tender pieces of pork ribs and these meat was cooked to soften that they fell off from the bone easily effortlessly.

Watercress with Pork Ribs

If you love watercress like I do, you will be most happy to see this greens in your bowl of soup, generously given.


What I like about Lao Huo Tang is that patrons get to have different selections of rice besides the usual plain bowl of white rice. For this instance, I had the pumpkin rice and the pumpkins were sweet and tasty, a bonus to the bowl of rice!

Pumpkin Rice

There are many other kinds of soup available from the same stall without the use of MSG in their food. With their assurance of not having MSG in their food, I bet most healthy patrons would not mind having them.

Rating: 3 / 5

Soup Master Chinatown
Location: West Mall, 1 Bukit Batok Central Link #04-01 Singapore 658713

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