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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sing Yi Seafood Garden

Driving into the industrial estate at night gave me another view of the world in Pioneer. Everywhere were dim and under the dim street lights, it gave me the kind of uneasiness even though I was not alone. Perhaps because of the environment where many hostels were around and none of them seems local which made the surrounding so different from the area I always think it ought to be. Culture in there was not the usual stuff we see and feel daily, for example I would never expect someone flying on the concrete pavement at night looking at his smart phone.

I have never been to Pioneer Industrial again after since my last job. It was really a drastic change and I have never knew there were eateries, conveniences stalls and hardware stalls all clustered in that area within walking distance from the dormitories.

With a few similar coffee shops around, Kim San Leng Coffeeshop seemed to have take over the eateries territories in the Vicinity.

Kim San Leng

Cze Char Hokkien Mee is those flat yellow noodles that comes in braised gluey gravy with ingredients such as lean pork, prawns, fishcakes and vegetables. Taste was rather standard and with the use of fried pork lard, noodle was fragrant. Not only that, the fried dumplings skin made the dish rather a memorable one at its first impression. On a side note, medium portion was good enough for two.

Hokkien Mee - $8.50 (Medium)
Supposingly to be hotplate marmite chicken but the hoteplate was there more for its name than to enhance its taste. There were no sizzling scene and banana leaf was placed at its base. Marmite Chicken tasted good with sweetened pineapple cubes, dried chilli and sesame seeds clinging on to its sticky chicken pieces. The only disappointment in the dish was that there were more bones than meat expected.

Marmite Chicken - $12 (Small)
While we expected soup to be served first, it had gone the reverse, becoming the last. However, out of 3 dishes ordered, I would vote for the soup. It was tasty not only with salted dvegetables but also prune which kind of remind me that they shared similar ingredients to one of the steamed fish dishes. Delighting, added with carrots, fried onions oil to enhance its taste, at the same time slices of cut gingers were included to spark a refreshing taste among the ingredients used.

Salted Vegetables & Tofu Soup - $5 (Small)

The place is suitable for families meals and best for gatherings too, since it is located in industrial park, it might not be easily accessible but definitely a place to go as a group. I would definitely be back for meals.

Rating: 3 / 5

Sing Yi Seafood Garden
Location: 3 Soon Lee Street #01-11 Pioneer Junction Singapore 627606

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