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Friday, May 29, 2015

Feng Kee Hainanese Curry Rice [Closed]

If you have been to Pasir Panjang Food Cetnre, you would have heard about the famous and pocket friendly Hainanese Curry Rice that attract long queues during peak hours. Having the luxury time to sneak out from Clementi to Pasir Panjang just to enjoy such delicacies with a group of colleagues were usually the best times of my working life.

Femg Kee Hainanese Curry Rice
Smells good! Plates of fluffy rice will be usually served first and you got two shades of colors gravy drenched onto of them unsparingly. The combination of braised and curry gravy is usually a common practice from a Hainanese Curry Rice Stall.

Hainanese Curry Rice
You will be spoilt for choices and hope that you can try almost everything on their glass cabinet. Be prepared to be spoilt from the choices but if you come in a little bit late, you might get to see empty trays too.

One of the staples from Hainanese Curry Rice stall is none other than this notable fried pork cutlet. Without them, having Hainanese Curry rice just would not be complete. With a breaded cripsy exterior and deep fried into perfection, these lean meat were aromatic with a good texture.

Pork Cutlet
Another all time favourite on my list will be their braised cabbages. Moist enough with adequate vermicelli. In terms of flavour, they are sweet and yummy. Don't leave the place without having them!

Braised Cabbages

Braised pork belly were quite fatty but they were very soft till the extend that it can be easily separated with little efforts.

Pork Belly
Fresh squid on the plate with a traditional way of serving! There were original stuffing and don't worry, it still taste as good. Simply love its chewy texture without being too "rubberband".

Squid / Sotong
A surprise on the table with all the wings and drumlets.Do not expect the red hot curry over here and instead these curry chicken were in their own world of their default starchy curry, similar to those that were put onto the rice.

Curry Chicken
The fried egg seemed rather oily too us, maybe because they were the last piece of the stack of eggs. Do take note if you want to skip something oily for your meal.

If you want to enjoy and share a good meal among your group, look no further, do try out Feng Kee Hainanese Curry Rice. Not to worry about the speed of service as they are in fact very efficient and food will be served promptly after making your orders.
Rating: 4 / 5

Feng Kee Hainanese Curry Rice
Location: Pasir Panjang Food Centre, 121 Pasir Panjang Road #01-41 Singapore 118543

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