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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saigon Saturday

Through my trip in Johor, we noticed an interesting restuarant, Saigon Saturday which is just within walkin distance from KSL Shopping Mall. From the look at its business name and mascot with Vietnamese style conical hat, I felt a strong sense of magnetic force drawing me towards its shop. Having been so many times to Johor, this is one of the rare time I get to see Vietnamese cuisine around, thus I decided we should make it a must to visit this place by hook or by crook.

Saigon Saturday
Saigon Saturday is a family restaurant owned by the lady boss who is a Vietnamese. When we queried about why Saigon Saturday instead of Monday or even Sunday, what we got from the explanation is that Saturday is a good timing where family gets to spend time together for a meal, that's how it comes about.

Environment was spacious in cement screed and there were ratten swinging chairs somewhere near the kitchen. Their assistants are mostly Vietnamese which speaks little English.


Pho is what I cannot do without in a Vietnamese cuisine. Judge the pho from its broth especially with its herbs and vegetables garnishes.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle - Rm 9.90
Broth is clear with tender briskets.

Beef Briskets
With herbs and vegetables separately placed, the helpful server showed his concern as he saw the blank looks from our faces. He was so kind and began in demonstrating the typical Vietnamese way of having the garnishing with the bowl of pho. His sincerity touched us and as he served the incoming orders, he would ensure that the right garnishing or sauce were used by highlighting that to us. Communications were done by actions as the guy speaks little or no English.

The plate of fried rice was well surrounded by slices of cucumbers. Together with the color combinations, it's hard not to add some marks to it. Fried rice was fragrant and comes with chinese lup cheong, chicken dices and mixed vegetables. When it comes to Thai or Viet Cuisine, their fried rice uses fish sauce which spelt out a stark difference to the chinese "Yang Zhou" fried rice.

Vietnamese Fried Rice - Rm 9.30
The seafood spring rolls looked totally different from the illustrations in its menu. Nevertheless, these deep fried spring rolls were served in its best condition. It's so hot and crispy, added with 3 different sauces.

Seafood Spring Roll - Rm 9.30
While the sweet and sour pork ribs are ordinary with green peppers, chilli, tomatoes, pineapples as well as garnishing like coriander leaves and spring onions.

Sweet and sour pork ribs - Rm 9.50
With so many recommended dishes ordered, I had a pleasant experience from Saigon Saturday. The Chicken Stew was the last dish that came to us. It was quite appetizing with chicken meat, yellow onions, soften potatoes and carrots. 

Chicken Stew - Rm 11.90
Sour sop smoothie was smooth and not too sweet.

Sour-sop Smoothie - Rm 6.90
While the Ice Coffee was loaded with ice and we were given a spoon to mix the coffee well.

Vietnamese Coffee Cold - Rm 4.90
Dont judge the book by its cover, its not a cup of Super "DRY" Asahi. Instead its a complimentary tea for diners. It was served chilled and very soothing.

During my visit, there was a little commotions from a table, causing some ruckus in the environment. They threw their temper and commented about the speed of serving, comparing themselves with another table who came later, ordering Banh Mi (Vietnamese Bread / Sandwiches) while what they ordered was mostly fried stuff. Situation was ugly with the words used from the diners which make the diners (us) felt rather uncomfortable. Nevertheless, they handled the situation professionally and even told us that they will make improvement on the speed.

In my opinion, though they might be quite slow to some, I'm quite comfortable at the rate of serving and perhaps as a diner I am quite use to accommodating the culture differences, at least the wait did not gone overboard. :) 

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Saigon Saturday
Location: 25, Jalan Beruang, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru Malaysia

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