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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Restoran Yong Xin

Restoran Yong Xin is top my list when it comes to Kway Teow Kia and abalone in Johor. In terms of exchange rate from Singapore Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit, having meals like this is always cheap and affordable.

Restoran Yong Xin
During the recent trip in February, we realized prices of their abalone soup had increased tremendously as compared to our first visit.

Nevertheless, the morning crowd was still as good as before and laughter can be heard from the kitchen, which gave the place a relaxing environment to dine in, passing by the weekends in a slow and steady manner.

Dining Environment
Premium Abalone soup was the bomb, it had almost everything, from abalone to fish maw. Soup was clear and tasty, a good choice to go with the smooth and silky texture Kway Teow.

Premium Abalone Kue Teao Soup - Rm 17.80
And the heart of the ocean, presenting the one and only one abalone.


During the last visit to Restoran Yong Xin, we have ordered their combo meal for 2 but this time round since we had ordered the premium, we decided to compare it with the basic bowl. The differences was spelt out by the presence of prawn, abalone slices, liver and fresh oysters from the ingredients.  Soup was sweeter than the premium order.

Abalone Kue Teao Soup  (Dry) - Rm 9.50 (Medium)
Kway Teow Kia in Johor has been always my comfort food, no matter it is served in dry or soup version.  Their smooth and slim texture was something that make me ask for more even though its plain.

Kue Teao
Though Otah was deep fried and looked cripsy and served in a pale color, I quite contented with its brittle exterior texture which gave the kind of sensational crunch on the first bite.

Crispy Otak - Rm 4
However, the heavenly feeling did not last long. I was kind of turned off but its oiliness later on.

There was nothing much about the bowl of Fu Zhou Fishballs. They were probably purchased from the factory and tasted similar to something off the shelves. There again, there was a degree of different taste in their bowl of soups.

Fu Zhou Fish Ball Soup - Rm 6.50

The fishballs are soft and chewy, filled with seasoned minced pork meat. The only thing that I like about them was the oozing part when the fluid burst out during the first bite.

Fu Zhou Fish Ball

There are a few places which sells similar dishes but so far when it comes to restoran Yong Xin, I find that every bite on their Seafood was fresh and tasty. That makes no explanation why I make repeated returns when I'm in JB.

Restoran Yong Xin
Location: No. 143 Jalan Pahlawan 1, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah

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