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Monday, March 30, 2015


Jpot is a unique Singapore concept by culinary team of Jumbo Seafood. With 7 exquisite style of soup base from mild to spicy, it's uniquely Singapore Style of enjoying these flavours over the table in a comfortable, air conditioned setting with a serene view of the harbour overlooking part of Sentosa Island. Not only that, it's always a pleasure to dine in a hygenic environment like this. Ambience in Jpot was good, well lighted and with spacious dining area, what's more I like it best when I dont walk out smelling like a hot pot - that means ventilation was already well taken care of!

Supported by the team of Jumbo Seafood, it already gave us strong assurance in the quality as well as standard of the food. So fret not, we just headed into the restaurant. Chinese New Year festive mood was all round in the atmosphere especially when hot pot is part and parcel of our reunion dinner in most families, not to mentioned that the place is ideally crowded.

Condiments Station
Servers were polite and asked if we prefer the Set Meal or the ala carte and of course we had chosen the latter since there were only 3 of us dining.  With the aid of technology advancement, tablets were all mounted to the dining table, positioned to an easy reach for all diners.  Such ordering system reminds me of  the Thai's MK Restaurant as well as China's Hai Di Lao. It seems that such advancement is indispensable now.  The only disadvantage to the senior citizen of my family is that it's quite hard to familiarize themselves with such devices in a short moment. Nevertheless, there are always some members from the family who will order and explain the ongoings, :). Else, I believe the servers are always ready to perform their best in job.

Ipad Ordering
Every head count needs to order a broth and I had the Superior Broth. It's one of the standard broths given and was tasty with garlic.

Superior Broth - $5.80
 Besides having Tom Yum or Laksa, you may want to consider their herbal broth. It's tasty and not too diluted with chinese herbs floating.

Herbal - $5.80
 Whereas the adventurous one ordered Bak Kut Teh which had pork ribs included in the broth. However the peppery semi clear broth was not to my liking as I prefer those in dark sauce.

Bak Kut Teh - $7.80
Beef Brisket was sliced thinly and there wasnt too much on a plate. It's best to go with the sauce after cooked.

Beef Brisket - $6.50
And similarly for the chicken slices too.

Chicken - $4
What I like best was their Cheese Pork Balls that was served elegantly with a thin long slice of cucumber as based. Be careful when its out especially when the cheese will ooze out burning the tongue if precautions are not taken.

Cheese Pork Ball - $5
Mum was wondering why the basket of mushrooms was so costly.

Mushroom Combine - $12.80
Fish Noodle was my favourite too. Instead of having them served in strings form, we were given a packet of fish paste and made our own noodles.

Fish Noodle -$5.80
Take a look at the thick fish noodle from the herbal broth.

Fish Noodle
Other than the usual carbo from the rice, diners get the chance to try the Vietnamese Pho.

Pho - $2.50

We ordered sides like Spinach Beancurd which was already deep fried and ready to eat. As it was just taken out from the fryer, they were tongue burning. Spinanch and Beancurd were distinctively separated as seen, yummy!

Spinach Beancurd - $4.80

Having Jpot is just like having steamboat on a small scale whereby you order what you can eat on a ala carte basis unlike dining in the usual hotpot, we tend to over order thinking that someone else on the table might want to eat, thus minimizing wastage in a way.

I do admit I like their environment but the variety of food was quite limited and quantity given was limited. Price may be a little dear for some. Overall, its still fine if you want to have some

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-53 Singapore 098585

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