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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Zhong Hua La Mian Ban Mian.Fish Soup

It has been a while since this coffee shop was renovated and left a few stalls vacant. We discovered that the stall space was finally occupied by Noodle stall selling La Mian and Ban Mian. Unfortunately one of their neighbouring stalls was seen tearing down their kitchen setup and shifting to somewhere else.

Zhong Hua La Mian
 Zhong Hua La Mian Stall has 22 items on their menu, featuring the usual Ban Mian to Fu Zhou Fishball La Mian and very fried dumplings.

Standards of noodles tasted pretty common and luckily Ee Mee was thoroughly cooked to soften. Ingredients like minced meat, mushrooms, eggs and spinach were added to the bowl, added with garnishing like fried onions, chopped spring onions as well as Ikan Billis.

Ee Mian - $3.50

Ee Mian
Soup from the steamed Dumpling la mian was clear added with ingredients and garnishing similar to what is in the bowl of Ee Mian. However the soup tasted abit different and bland in taste.

Steamed Dumpling Lamian - $4

Rating: 3 / 5

Zhong Hua La Mian Ban Mian.Fish Soup
Location: Blk 501 West Coast Drive #01-44 Singapore 120501

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