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Friday, February 20, 2015

S & P Restaurant

Our stomachs were groaning soon after we landed in Bangkok and we spotted S & P as soon as we had our luggage checked as well as SIM cards purchased. Being so excited about having my first ever Thai Meal of the trip, we went ahead with S & P Restaurant without having comparisons with other restaurants available there.

S & P Simply Delicious
 The crowd in S & P  Airport Cafe was considered fully pack with patrons queueing up, waiting for available seats during mid noon.


Sips from the Thai Iced Tea with milk was definitely satisfying! These strong brewed black tea in thai style is a common beverage that an eatery has. The authentic taste told me that I am in Thailand and definitely not dreaming.

Thai Iced Tea with Milk - 90 Baht / cup
 Portion of Chicken Massaman Curry was smaller than the usual portions in Singapore.Curry maybe seen watery but actually rich in taste with potatoes, peanuts and five spice powder. The sweet and sour taste was really inviting.

Chicken Massaman Curry - 190 Baht

Close up on the curry
Fried rice vermicelli aka Phad Thai was ordered. It was fried with prawns and assorted vegetables. Rice vermicelli was a little dry but was flavourful wtih lime juice added on them. Raw bean sprouts and vegetables came along with the dish. I'm not really used to having bean sprouts raw, it would be better if they were at least semi cooked. And one thing to note that prawns were quite fresh.

Fried Rice Vermicelli - 168 Baht
Rating: 3 / 5

S & P Restaurant
Location: Suvarnabhumi Airport, King Kaew Road, Racha The Wa, Samut Prakan

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