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Friday, January 9, 2015

Wo Peng Restaurant

The one behind Wo Peng Restaurant is Award Winning Chef Juliam Tam Kwok Fai, a former executive Chef of Furama Palace at Furama City Centre Hotel. Besides that, Chef Tam is also the first that brought Poon Choy into Singapore as a Chinese New Year Delicacy.

Facade of Wo Peng Restaurant

Wo Peng is known for its traditional and authentic cuisine.Tagging along with my friend who bought 2 sets of their Groupon Coupons (2 x $80) and came all the way from the West. Parking is a major concern for the restaurant as they are located just beside the main road where parking lots are limited

Business Signage
The restaurant is only opened at 6pm for dinner and everyone is seen queueing outside although bookings were made before hand. When the clock hands stroke 6pm, everyone came rushing into the restaurant, lined up and wait for seats to be allocated.

Queueing up at Counter

Everything was fast paced, from allocation of order to dining. Since it was a Groupon event, our dining period was limited till the next reservation from other customers.

Interior was run down and was a total sight of old school Chinese restaurant that have not gone through major renovations for perhaps at least 20 years, from the fore-ceilings to dining tables and chair, everything smells traditional.

Dining Area

Chopsticks were embossed with their Business Name. We took quite a while in ordering as some of the items that we wanted were unavailable on that day.

Customized Chopsticks

Staff were quick to served upon our orders. Our orders came quickly in minutes.Doubled-boiled Cordyceps Flower Soup were lukewarm with a handful of chinese herbs in it. It tasted sweet and passed my expectation.

Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Soup with Dendrobium and Meat Reduction - $13

Bamboo Pith and chinese cabbage was cooked to soften and was very tasty. Taste is acceptable but I felt that the price of the soup and quantity can be better.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Bamboo Pith and Chinese Cabbage - $13

Dish came in within minutes upon ordering. Salted Egg Yolk coating on the prawns came with moisture, thus not as crispy.

Deep-fried Prawn Coated with Salted Egg Yolk - $32 (Small)

Peking duck was unavailable and we had ordered their roasted duck in tea. Roasted Duck was fatty just in line with the cantonese style, there are not much of tea flavour on the duck itself but if you drink its gravy, you will get to taste it.

Duck - $30 (Half)

Stir-fried Asparagus with Wild Mushroom and Black Fung - $18 (Small)
Fish Skin was deep fried and was very crispy. It is best to be consumed with dipping into their superior stock. The best part about having them deep fried was that they were not oily at all.

Deep-fried Fish Skin with Superior Stock - $12.80 (Small)

It took quite a few reminders before the Shark's Cartilage Soup was placed onto the table. The soup was murky in color, sweet and tasty, filled with nutritional value.

Double-boiled Shark's Cartilage Soup with Fish Maw - $14

After much reminders, the sides finally came. Unlike from the usual chinese tables, the Jelly Fish came in bigger chunk and was spicy.

Cold Jelly Fish in Spicy Sauce - $12 (Small)
As century egg lovers, we would like to clear everything on the plate but it was too salty for us to take. On top of that, the spiciness just gave us another reason not to finish them up.

Cold Cut Cucumber and Century Egg with Garlic - $6.80 (Small)

Of all dishes, our main came in last when side dishes had already filled our stomach.When asked if we could cancel the dish / order, they told us that the chef was already in the progress of frying. Thereafter we waited at the table for another half hour and still have no sight of the noodles. For some reason there was a delay and since we were not allowed to cancel, we have it packed resulting additional $1.50 for taking away.

Braised Ee-fu Noodle with Golden Mushroom and Conpoy - $16

All in all, service was below my expectations. Food was not really up to their temperature and order sequence of food was at a mess - our cold dishes came in late and our main was given as the last dish when we had finished up our sides. Though Cantonese style can be a little rowdy at times but theirs was simply not within my limits. It marks my first and last visit there.

Rating: 3 / 5

Wo Peng Restaurant
Location: 476/478 Macpherson Road Singapore 368191

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