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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doraemon Secret Gadgets (Part 3)

After wearing this glasses, you will find the floral and fauna that able to think and speak like human being.

Using this gadget in a room, it will create three-dimensional scenery for the person to enjoy the mood of traveling.

 It's a kind of food, it could produce oxygen inside body when it is eaten, surface of skin would form thecae, it's like wearing spacesuit, and human can moves around in the space when putting it on.

 To make someone disappear, you just need to speak out his/her name and press the button. There's no one in the world will remember the existence of that person except you.

 It's used to test whether the marriage is happy or not before they get married.

When attached to any part of the body, it allows you to fly up in the air. But continuous use for more than 8 hours will exhaust its batteries.

 Stamp on someone, the person will feel like it is doing it the first time.

 When an object is wrapped around with one face outward, the flow of time reverses, causing the object to become newer. When wrapped around the other way, time moves forward, causing the object to become older.

It would transmit brainwave when putting the leave on a person or animal, illusion would be produce in the brain. Its function only when you are feeling the person or animal are dangerous.

Place the glasses in front of your eyes and you will see everything around you a 100 years into the future.

 It has the ability to reverse any object's usage.

 You will look like an ordinary stone by the roadside after wearing this cap; no one will notice your existence.

Drop it on an object that object will be duplicated after 3 minutes. It's a non-stop replication process.

You are able to separate with water when you are inside the rope. YOu can walk in the sea even you don't know how to swim.

 When 2 person, standing under the umbrella side by side for 5 minutes, the person on the left will fall in love with the person on the right.

 Fix this on an object, no matter what, the machine could control and move it.

 By adjusting to a specific time, it helps you to forget the thing that happens during the time period.

A power tool, that is capable of launching a massive amount of high-pressure air. This gadget is small enough for your hands.

 Anyone who's hit by the light of this gadget will lose their sense of time and 10 minutes will feel like 10 hours.

Place the transmitter on yourself and place the receiver on the person that you wish to order, that person would follow your order.

It's a smoke type robot that will obey any order from whom that rub the lamp.

Doraemon Secret Gadgets
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80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
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