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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black Angus

Black Angus is one of America's finest steak house and had their first outlet in Singapore's Orchard Parade hotel since Novemeber 1997.

Steaks were directly imported from US to ensure that the quality is similar to what we can have in USA.

Black Angus

Dining area was spacious and one part I like about the environment was that patrons get to sit in their confine sector, separating from other diners with partitions and glass panels.

Partitioning and Glass Panels

With the festive mood last christmas, the restaurant was well adorn with Christmas decorations.

Dining Area


Tomato soup was the soup of the day and tasted pack with flavours, added with light cream.

Tomato Soup
The combination in the beef soup was rather new to me with vegetables, bareley beans and beef cubes. When compared to the former, I will prefer this for its variety of ingredients which stirred my interest.

Beef Soup

I'm excited by the Wild West Onion as it was my first time having such interesting dish. It looks like fries sprouting out from the clear dish.

Wild West Onion -$17.90

Wild West Onion is actually colossal onion, sliced to shape like a desert flower then battered and fried.  It was tasty and to enjoy its full flavours, it is best to dipped in their Wild West dipping sauce.

Desert Flower
We had mains with New York Steak and meat was beautifully charred grilled with criss cross patterns on the meat. The Center-cut new York Steak was tender and flavourful.

New York Steak -$44.90 (10 oz)

The mains comes with sides of our choices as well as homemade sauces from the selection of  pepper, red wine, teriyaki and herbs, lending a perfection combination to the the slab of medium well done beef.

Sides like mashed potatoes was completely filling to the stomach however the style of the potato was dry and lack of butter fragrance while mixed vegetables was bland in taste or somehow tasted raw to us.

Straight forward and generous portions are reflection of American Style. Though only half a rack of baby back pork ribs was ordered, the mains was actually quite stomach filling. Thus I think that the meal is suitable for people with huge appetite.

Rib Stickin' Baby Back Pork ribs - $30.90 (Half Rack)
Ribs were well seasoned and packed full of flavours fromtheir own barbeque sauce through roasted and grilling method.

Pork Ribs (Half Rack)

Black Angus is a place suitable for both young and old who has an appetite for Amercian Style beef or ribs.

Rating: 3 / 5

Black Angus
Location: Hill V2, 4 Hillview Rise #01-06/07 Singapore 667979

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