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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Breadtalk Cafe

You can never miss the Danish Bar Stall located in Westgate just outside breadtalk cafe if you are coming from Jurong East Mrt direction.  It is often seen with long queues when I pass by in the evening.

Breadtalk Cafe
The danish bars was prepared in a dough form and the lady in charge has to bake it on the spot. Noted as the all time favourite of breadtalk cafe, these danish bars are available in 3 favours, Rainbow, Cinnamon and almond with each at the price of $1.30 but $3.30 for 3.

Danish Bar Dough

The buttery fragrance from these bars lingers along the passage way from the MRT to the cafe and usually hits on us especially when I had just arrived the mall after a tiring day.

Busy lady, one woman show
Adding Toppings

 It isnt too oily and out of the 3 flavours, cinnamon tasted is close to the plain flavour, just that it was filled with slight cinnamon taste with sugar, whereas for rainbow danish bar, the toppings comes in little colorful balls clinging on the bars, I wont not recommend it as I find that the rainbows are too hard on the teeth. Last but not least, I will give the almond choclate the best vote for it stands out best almond the rest.

Almond Danish Bar - $1.30

Rainbow Danish Bar

Cinnamon Danish Bar

Rating: 3 / 5

Breadtalk Cafe
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #02-03 Singapore 608532

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