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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The fluctuating of Taiwanese food trends in Singapore are seen over the past years with people going crazy about bubble tea, beancurd pudding and blackballs etc. Blackballs, Ambassador-ed by Singapore Mediacorp artiste, Zhao Yao Dong, offers a choice of your dessert to be served, cold, warm, hot or icy.

Opted for the chilled/cold version, these refreshing treats are the best dessert of the year I had in Singapore so far. The perfect combination of chewy jiu fen yam balls, glass jelly, red beans and golden sweet potato balls are simply irresistible. Loves the chewy goodness given to me by the taro/yam and sweet potatoes ball and the chilling refreshing sensation through the big bowl of dessert.

Blackball Signature Dessert - $5.40

Ingredients added

With Milk

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: CityVibe, 3151 Commonwealth Ave West #01-19 Singapore 129581

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