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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ai Mian Zi

I cant help smiling when it comes to reading of the signboard. In relation to its business industry and the food they are selling, the name would suggest the love for noodles but if you are reading it in a fun manner, the name will give another meaning saying that one is generally concern and sensitive about their reputation.

The nature business of Ai Mian Zi is associated with the local noodle dishes such as laksa, fishabll noodles and minced meat noodle, a common stall that you will find almost everywhere in most coffee shops in Singapore.

Ai Mian Zi
Minced pork noodle was average, a simple combination of braised mushrooms, meatballs, minced pork,liver and lean meat. With chilli base option to go with my Mee Pok dry, I find that they were quite salty. On the other hand the mee pok tasted a bit on the harder side.
Minced Pork Noodle - $3

While my dining partner had another version of their noodles in lean meat only. Though the meat was cooked well, the noodles were dry as well and fell below expectation.

Minced meat noodle - $4 (big)

Given a choice over my meals, I will choose to explore other food stalls in the coffeeshop. However, if there aren't any much choice for me, I will still have Ai Mian Zi if I want to fill my stomach only.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Ai Mian Zi
Location: Blk 145 Teck Whye Avenue, #01-151 Singapore 680145

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