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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tanah Lot

Another places of interest in Bali will be at Tanah Lot, it is a rock formation off Indonesia Island of Bali. For those who wants to have a view of a beautiful Sunset, this is one of the place you may consider. However, my visit there was in the morning as we have other plans.


And down the long flight of staircase, enjoy your moment with a scenic natural view on mother earth.

Listening to the inconsistent roars of the wave.

Beautiful waves

Pura Batu Mejan

And with the waves lapping into the shore.


View the nature
 The natural rock formation is a Hindu Shrine and it attracts many tourists as well as photographers.

Crowded Area
The centre attraction of the place will be its temple which is located off shore and can only be access when tide is low.

Main Attraction
One point to take note is to wear something comfortable and easy to walk in the water, preferably slippers and be careful of the slippery uneven ground.

Uneven and slippery grounds

And be warned not to stepped into holes like this.

Becareful of the holes

Be prepared to get wet if you standing near the shores as the water may just hit on them and splash onto you.

Caution! Waves at rocks are hazardous.

Do head in there to get your blessings and holy water from the monk.

For those who is not equip with the proper gear or does not want to go into the temple can just stay on the shore. There are these big grey rocks which are pictures worthy too!

Grey Rocks
Large waves near the rocks are hazardous, therefore do look out for their warning signage and stay clear of the danger zone.


Another viewing spot.

On the way back, you will get to see a small lane that brings to to their mini zoo. We were welcome by a few parrots as we entered the place.

Further in, visitors get to see Owls. Why are these nocturnal animals awake at day time?

There were 2 owls on the tree branches during the time of our visit with one of them chained.

And the chain one turned hostile suddenly and flew up which had given us a big fright but luckily he was being withheld by its chain.

Handsome Owl
Moving to the next station, the assistance opened up one of the wooden box and reveal the venomous python. It was fat and big, hissing away. Though it looked pretty scary, one of the younger boys  were seen using his fingers stroking at its body. Awww... we were so intimidated.

The snake collection didnt just stop at one, infect they have few other cages with different speices of snake.

And look! What's hanging upside down on the tree branch. It does have strong legs to hold up its body weight.

Fruit bat
Its a fruit bat and you are allow to feed them but its seem that its their bed time now.

And out from the mini zoo and into its market streets.


What are these local selling?

Road Side Stall


Tanah Lot Temple
Location: Jalan Raya Tanah Lot, Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan
Operating Hours:  07:00 - 19:00

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