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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ippudo at westgate is a new launch featuring causual dining experience while enjoying a bowl of fuss free authentic ramen.

Ippudo at Westgate


Furnishings were standard throughout their branches with similar theme colors too.

Dining Interior
Though the place was rather small, there was a lot of helpers around at your service.

Dining Interior

We started off with an appetizing nikumiso toufu salad, dressed with their their special minced meat miso paste drenched with sesame dressing. Totally love its chilled wobbly toufu!

Nikumiso Toufu Salad - $8

Cranberry Juice - $3 Each

Ice Green Tea - $3

Satiate my cravings for something fried and tangy, the Chicken was deepfried and marinated, dipped in their homemade sauce. 

Deep Fried Chicken - $8
The basic version of all gyoza in the menu, comes 5 on a kidney bean plate, these Ippudo homemade dumplings were pan-fried and complemented well with a dip in the black vinegar.

Hakata Gyoza - $7

Our original intention was to have all 3 kinds of buns in their menu, unofortunately the shrimp bun was sold out and we left with the chicken and the pork.

The chicken thigh meat was teriyaki base and chopped into smaller pieces and stuffed into the bun.

Chicken Bun - $3
Bun was steamed to soft texture with Ippudo's original charshu and their original sauce.

Pork Bun - $3
When everyone talks about Ippudo, the first thing that comes to our mind is none other than its  attention drawing Ramen. Their noodles is known for its springy texture and deep flavours, boiled to al dente according to the softness/hardness that we prefered.

A class Hakata Style ramen, Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth served with their thin noodles, bara char shu (pork belly), kikurage, spring onions and cabbages. There was a series of suggested combination on the menu and we chose tamago (egg).

Shiromaru Tamago - $17

A level up from the previous bowl of ramen with unami-dama (their special blended miso paste) and garlic oil. It is of a modern style ramen served with pork belly, black fungus and spring onions.

Akamaru - $15
One of their featured ramen, the spicy black. With Ippudo's original pork broth with special nikumiso, prepared with black pepper and shansho as well as other spices. For once, the spiciness of eating ramen finally kicks in. They are enhanced with their spicy fragrant oil - made from their original and spicy koyu.

Spicy Black - $15

Apart from the sides and out of the 3 kinds of noodles ordered, I still prefer the bare basic of the Hakata style ramen in its original broth. Service was very prompt till the extent that once they see an empty or almost emptied bowl / plate, they will ask if it can be cleared off which in turn made us feel that they are somehow hinting us that there are long queues outside. If you want to have some good taste of Ramen, Ippudo is a good choice, however, it is not an ideal place where you can sit, chill and catchup with friends on chats.

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #03-03 Singapore 60853

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