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Monday, October 13, 2014

De'Pop Culture

De'Pop Culture is a colourful theme pop art cafe located along North Bridge Road. The 2 months old cafe with 30 Seaters is run by a couple who has great passion for desserts.

De'Pop Culture
In case you are wondering, the name De' Pop Culture was created with "De" referring to desserts while Pop culture is referring to their pop art theme cafe.

A peep into De' Pop Cutlure

Pop Menu
The colorful themes with its pop decorations were fanciful and engaging, even their air conditioners were painted in pop pink colors.

Dining Environment
With interesting graphics and vibrant colors, the place is very enjoyable, allowing a change in mood.

De' Pop Culture

Part of the Pop Culture

Pop Art
Besides the usual table and chairs on the limited shop space, there is one cozy corner with sofa and bean bag. It makes us feel so at home, relaxing with the provided magazines and comic graphics on the wall.

Cozy Corner
Halloween is around the corner? This looks abit spooky though as if someone is looking at us in the corner.  Its actually the stereo which keeps the environment alive and comfy.

A walk down into the cafe and there's the place where their desserts were well refridgerated in the display fridge. I cant help it and I have already make rooms for them after my meals. Yum Yum!

In the display Fridge
Drooling over these!

Ring for a Cuppa

Flavourings on top of the refrigerator

Have something to perk you up for the week, do try out their Italian Soda. It comes in four fruity flavours, Red Raspberry, Kiwi, Blue Raspberry and Passionfruit (Left to Right).

Italian Soda Line Up
They are absolutely refreshing coolers for the night.

Kiwai Italian Soda - $4.90

Truffle oil infused thick cut fries were served. These straight forward and generous portions is a reminiscent of comfort food, a good start, lending a bench mark on the up coming dishes.

Truffle Fries

Bacon Surprise featuring miniatures of toasted brioche bread with bacon wrapped. It came in 3 with creamy scrambled egg, sauteed mushroom and sunny side up egg. The presentation was further enhanced by the salad with Japanese roasted sesame sauce.

Out of the 3,  I like the scrambled egg the most as it gave a smooth creamy texture whereas the sauteed mushroom's texture was quite firm and not to my liking. As for the sunny side up egg, I find that it was a reminiscent of microwaved egg which was not really my style too.

Bacon Surprise - $10.90
Breakfast Platter for 2 was a large portion served on a lazy susan. It comes with toasted brioche, sauteed mushrooms, streak bacon, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, baked beans, bratwrust sausage and salad. The portion can significantly be divided by 2 and its a great choice if you want to fill up the stomachs.

De'Pop Breakfast Platter For 2 (SGD $28.90)

De'Pop Culture Breakfast for 2

A quirky name "Crab and the Dog" featuring local's favourite spicy Chilli Crab sauce on the Italian pork sausage with sides like fries and salad. The piquant chilli sauce had hit me on the right spot and with the toasted sausage buns, its as good as enjoying dipping the fried buns into the sauce after a chilli crab meal. I would recommend this dish to anyone who can take spice.

Crab and the Dog - $15.90

Crab and the Dog (Close Up)

Black pepper crab spaghetti is served with mushroom, crab meat and the chef's inhouse special black pepper sauce. The dish was too salty to our liking and the peppery taste was overpowering, covering up the natural sweetness of the crab meat.

Black pepper crab spaghetti - $14.90
Thick buttermilk waffle was topped with a scoop of ice cream and a dallop of whipped cream. Sweetness of the waffle was moderate with fluffy texture and crispiness on the outside. The dessert was further complimented with the crunchy granola bites. Best of all, the creamy salted caramel ice cream was already outstanding and addictive by itself. I would rate this as the best dessert I had among the others.

Waffles Caramel - $11.50
Thick Toast with caramelized bananas and caramel drizzles, served with a dash of hazelnut chocolate.

French Toast feat. Banana-tella - $11.90
The crumbles was great, crunchy but a tad sweet, topped with an ice cream. As we sink out spoon to the bottom and discovered the chunks of caramelized apples, we realized that it takes a while before we can reach the apples and this showed how thick the crumbles are.

Apple Crumble Pie with Ice Cream - $7.90
Panna Cotta was coated with a layer of Raspberry sauce with red wine, lending a sweet and sour aftertaste.

Panna Cotta
Though the panna cotta was wobbly with a soft texture, the liquid content was somehow overdone. Perhaps it could have score better given a firmer texture.

Scoop up the panna cotta
All in all, I find that De'Pop Culture is another alternative added to my list of  Cafe that provides All Day Breakfast at a value for money range. On top of that there is no GST and Service charge required.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

De'Pop Culture
Location: 749 North Bridge Road #01-01 (Off Jalan Kledek) Singapore 198717

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