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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ice Cream Frenzy

I got to know Ice Cream Frenzy from their outlet in West Coast and learn about the authentic and home made ice cream. It left me a great impression as the varieties were far more than what I can think of from a common Ice Cream shop. What's more what they are selling are freshly handmade Gelato Ice Cream is low in fat which contain less sugar and no preservations. Only natural and fresh ingredients.

Having seen a similar outlet while driving pass Rochester a few times, we decided to pay a visit there.

Ice Cream Frenzy at Rochester Mall
As usual, Rochester Mall is seen a quiet place during the weekends even in Ice Cream Frenzy, there were merely a few customers. When I first entered this outlet, I realize that the interior decorations and paintings of the way somehow remind me of Ben & Jerry. I did a check and understand that the place was previously Ben & Jerry's.

As compared to the outlet in West Coast, this place is not as cozy. A look through the glass doors and you will see cars driving pass the main roads. Cream Frenzy Cafe is suitable for us to chill out with friends and family, also an ideal venue to hold birthday parties and baby showers.


Yes, following their business tagline, One Scoop is never enough thus I had 2 scoops! The usual 2 scoops of ice cream cost $8, however, I had hit on their premium flavours which were Soursop with cranberry and D24 Durian. In short I'm having 2 kinds of Durian in a cup! (In Dialect, they call soursop "Ang Mo Liu Lian")

2 Premium Scoops - $10
Ice Creams were semi sweet with refreshing taste. You get to enough the real soursop fresh in the ice cream itself. Besides these yummy desserts, service rendered was friendly and polite, we get to test the flavours of ice cream before deciding upon what to have.

One Scoop is never enough

As Rochester Mall is located next to a hotel, guests can easily enjoy such tasty home-made delights within walking distance. I like the quiet ambiance over the weekends and this is a definite place in my list to relax and chill out.

Rating: 3 / 5

Ice Cream Frenzy
Location: Rochester Mall, 31 Rochester Drive, #01-01 Singapore 138637

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