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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chef's Noodle - Korbi Grill

Besides Japanese, Hong Kong Street in Jurong Point, you can find a few shops with Korean Cuisine in their Korean Street at the basement, namely, Seoul Garden, Chef's Noodle and Korbi Grill.

Chef Noodle and Korbi Grill
We was torn between the decision of having Chef Noodle and Korbi Grill after seeing both menu at each of their entrance. Luckily, the dining concept allow customers to enjoy the best of both world, thus no more headaches on where to dine now.

Chef's Noodle Menu
We were directed into Korbi Grill dining area and the in house menu was cutely designed with a chopboard template in the background.

Korbi Grill Menu
Dining area was rather quiet during our time of visit but I guessed we were rather early for dinner.

Korbi Grill's Dining Area
Beverages like Iced Citrus and Rubus were elegantly served with a preserved cherry and a slice of orange.
Ice Citron and Rubus Tea (Left to Right) - Each $4.90

The best part of enjoying korean food is to be served with the authentic kimchi and pickles - these comes along with the serving of the main.

Kimchi and Pickles
Chef Guksoo is their signature Noodle dish, with Beef broth was savory-sweet flavoured. To enhance the level of taste, stewed Pork Bulgogi, and a healthy dose of fresh vegetable garnishes were added in.

Chef Guksoo - $13.90

My attention was stolen by the egg with some wordings imprinted on it. My friend was joking that it looked like a talisman to her.

A closer version of Chef Guksoo
The servers were very attentive to our needs, knowing that we were sharing the big bowl of noodles, she had given us 2 smaller bowls to divide the portion between ourselves. In a closer look, luncheon meat and Tau Pok was added too. Noodles texture was way soft, perhaps if they were cook abit longer, it wont turn them into sogginess. To be frank, I'm not very used to such texture.

Separate Bowls
Korbi Grill prides itself with an eclectic fusion of part Korean, part Western fare, focusing on grilling the steak on hot stone, while complementing it with Korean 장 (Jang - dipping sauces) and Korean sides like 떡볶이 (Tteokbokki).

Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce (250g) - $25.90
While the steak sizzles under the dry heat of the hot lava stone, the aroma from the succulent ribeye lured us into temptations making us feeling hungrier each time as the second hand ticked.

Ribeye Steak on hot Stone
Beef lover, there are no choices of wellness for us, rather diners have to handle such good slab of meet on the hot lava stone ourselves.

Half it
To ensure that every piece was cooked to our desired doneness, we have the 250g cut into pieces even though it sizzling is still spilling some juices out on and off.

Bite Size Pieces on the stone
Korbi Grill's steaks are served with a small portion of kimchi, and over with either korean Mushroom Sauce or Spicy Bulgogi Sauce. This side is complimentary with the main course and can also be ordered separately at $3.90 each. Rice cakes were chewy and together with the sauce, it was appetizing.

Tteobokki (Spicy Rice cake)

Another Complimentary Kimchi with sesame
 With the promotion, customers are entitle to purchase their soup of the day at a special pricing, $1.99. Miso Seafood soup was well flavoured, generously loaded with clams, squid and fish meat. 

Soup of the Day - $1.99
After the session of Noodles and meat - best of both worlds, my vote will go to Korbi Grill. Though the Chef's Noodle Menu presented by award-winning Korean Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun, it was lacking the biting texture which I look out for. As for Korbi Grill, the DIY (Do It Yourself) experience was fun and indulging. Meat was succulent and having to pair them with the mushroom sauce was totally heavenly. It does worth the money that we had paid for.

Rating: 3 / 5

Chef's Noodle - Korbi Grill
Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-45/46 Singapore 648331

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