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Sunday, August 31, 2014

White Rose Cafe

By word of mouth, I heard that they had launched a menu of the Treasured Flavours of Singapore, featuring Singapore's iconic dishes at York Hotel's White Rose Cafe and with tantalizing tastes in the local specialties from different ethnic groups.

White Rose Cafe, York Hotel
Its chick and elegant design makes the dining environment classy, relaxing to dine in. To add on, their hospitality is great, service staff  are attentive and polite.



While waiting for the dishes to be served, we had a plate of crispy and airy light papadum to munch on. These are complimentary from White Rose Cafe.

Crispy papadum
The Fish Head Curry is the key dishes out of its delectable menu, featuring Singapore's iconic favourites. The fish head was large serving 4 to 7 persons. It was steamed and come with a mildly spiced curry gravy. The use of its tamarind had make the dish very appetizing. Other like tomatoes, lady fingers, sliced onions and fresh chillies were added. Try getting the half size portion if you are dining for about 2 to 3 persons.

Fish Head Curry - $42 (Whole)

Simply love the sweet infused and heady scent of curry yet not overpowering taste over the tender meat of the fish. If you dont take too spicy stuff, dont worry, this dish is mild on heat.

Whole Fish Head
Ink were not too overpowering - at least still able to see the white area of the squids. They were poached simmered in their smoky spicy ink gravy with fresh green and red chillies, onions as well as garlic. The chewiness of the squid were just too perfect to be mentioned.

Black Ink Sotong (Squid) - $13

How can the main dishes go without a plate of fragrant rice? That will be a waste on the fish head curry gravy! Apart having such scrumptious gravy on the fluffy white rice, the plain white rice does not seem to be plain anymore paired with the local delicious "azar" with a circular banana leave as its base.

Plain Rice - $3

Another signature dessert, Chendol. Served in the cup filled of chilled coconut milk, green jelly, red beans and palm sugar.

Chendol - $9

Leaving rooms for dessert is definitely a right choice made. Such cooling and traditional sweet dessert can never be missed. Can be served hot or cold, the bowl of cheng Tng comes with a ball of finely shaved ice, filled with fried longans, persimmon, gingko nuts, a handful of lotus seeds, "Pang Da Hai" (Malva nuts) and strips of jelly. The sweetness level is mild in the longan flavoured soup.

Cheng Tng - $9
Overall, I'm quite impressed by their Fish Head Curry. Taking into the consideration of its location, the quality and taste of food, the price isn't too exorbitant and still within the acceptable limit.

Rating: 3.5 /5

White Rose Cafe
Location: York Hotel, 21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228516
Phone: +65 6830 1156
Operating Hours:  6.00am - 11.00pm

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