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Monday, August 18, 2014

Tong Ji Mian Shi

Tong Ji Mian Shi is one of stalls that scores among the diners. With lots of articles on the media where reviews were made over the years pasted below its sign board, emphasizing its Lotus Lor Mee which is one of its kind. (So far, I have not seen any places with such concoction) .

Beside Lor Mee, they have other selections like Laksa and Fish Ball Soup / Noodle.

Tong Ji Mian Shi
Flat yellow noodles were served with fish cake, Ngor Hiang, braised lean meat, egg, dumplings and crispy bits. And its hard to go without a spoonful of black vinegar in a bowl of Lor Mee. Though gravy was rather blend without too much of braised taste, right amount of starch used were seen, giving a right texture and thickness.

Lor Mee with Fried Lotus - $4

Thinly sliced lotus included which marks a difference to a traditional bowl of Lor Mee. Crunchy and was fried to golden brown perfection, somehow reminding me of Chinese New year Snack.

Slice of Deep Fried Lotus
With so much of rave, I'm expecting more from that bowl. Overall, I still prefer the traditional ones with pork belly and better flavour in terms of its braised sauce.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tong Ji Mian Shi 桐记面食
Location: Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road #01-100 Singapore 199583
Operating Hours: Mon & Fri: 0930 – 1500, Tue – Sun: 0930 – 1930, Off on alternate Saturday.

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