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Monday, August 25, 2014

Legendary Hong Kong 九如烧腊

The latest excitement we had in Jurong Point, the launch of Hong Kong Streets that brought some hype in early August 2014! Signboards were hanged above, overlapping one another with neon lights shining, resembling the streets in Hong Kong.

Legendary Hong Kong
With a modern 4-in-1 themed restaurant situated along the "street", it is definitely a scene stealer to anyone especially when it is drawing crowds with their authentic Hong Kong Cuisine.

Facade of the Main

As expected, the queues were snaky long, from its reception booth all the way across to opposite shops. For those who dining in groups, they only allow entrance when all members in the group are present. No taking away are available currently.

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Just right in front of the entrance, one get to enjoy a sight of their chef's culinary skills in chopping up those authentic roasted delights.

Chef at work
A step deeper into the restaurant: The setup was no difference from a typical "Cha Chang Ting" in Hong Kong, whereby every staff was so actively occupied with their tasks, running about the dining area. Interior was big with lots of seatings area and atmosphere was as noisy as a marketplace.

Settings was as good as a replica of the happenings in a Hong Kong Cha Chang Ting with signages indicating the streets in Hong Kong.

Dining Area
A walk down into the middle of the restaurant, you will get to see numerous picture frames with Hong Kong photographs.

This is the place where orders were taken and sent to.

Serving Counter
Right towards the ending area, it's kind of restrict zone whereby bigger groups get to enjoy a spacious corner in round tables.

Family and Groups Area
Being curious about its Legendary taste, we had ordered a platter with 4 combinations of its roasted meat which includes roasted duck, BBQ Pork, crispy pork belly and chicken. Unlike the Singapore Style of Roasted meat, portion of fats was thicker in every of them. The BBQ Pork was of different style with charred edges and came in lighter brown color, somehow too oily for my liking. The platter came with 3 types of sauce, Wasabi, Ginger with spring onion and prune sauce. The platter was rather disappointing as it lacked the smokey and savoury punch.

BBQ Platter - $18.80

Having ordered the meaty platter above, we decided to go plain with the porridge. Though it may seem watery but the water content was well proportioned to those soften rice grains, a soothing and smooth pairing with the BBQ stuff!

Plain Porridge - $1.50
One of the specialty in Hong Kong that I cannot go without, their style of ice milk tea.

 HK Style Milk Tea (Iced) - $2.80

Custard Crust Bun - $1.30
One of the staples in the dim sum affair, Steamed Pork Dumplings aka Siew Mai. Looked and tasted dry. Though the meat was rather bouncy, the texture has given away. Still, I find that it lacked moisture and could have been better.

Steamed Pork Dumplings (Siew Mai) - $5
As recommended on its menu, an interesting combination wrapping the fried dough fritters with thin later of transulcent rice roll. It's a little bit challenging here as these fritters were rather hard and big, so be prepared to keep your mouth wide open if you order this.

Perhaps they could add more light soy sauce to enhance the fragrance, at the same time, soften the fritters a little, perhaps.

Rice Roll with Dough Fritters -$4.50
Finally! 3 Pretty Char Siew Bao came to us in the wooden Dim Sum Tray. A presentation that is simply beautiful and irresistible!

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun - $4
Emphasizing on its Char Siew Fillings, they were the not-so-sweet kind with gluey sauce over thinly chopped lean meat. Good but not to die for.

Char Siew Fillings
Verdict from my first experience in Legendary Hong Kong is that the food did not entice me much. For such pricing and less the wait, there are better Cantonese fares out there.

Rating: 3 / 5

Legendary Hong Kong 九如烧腊
Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-80 Singapore 648886

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